U.S. Adaptive Open

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA

Pinehurst Resort & C.C. (Course No. 6)

Mandi Sedlak

Quick Quotes

Q. We're here with Mandi Sedlak. You had a terrific day, big improvement compared to yesterday. You actually sit in the top 5 as of right now. Can you talk us through your round today?

MANDI SEDLAK: Yeah, I was very happy the way I started off. I started off par-par and had a poor club selection on a par-3 -- a couple par-3s so, I wasn't very happy with that. Then we rebounded well and played good and just continued to stick to our game plan, which is always just one shot at a time.

Q. Two rounds in the books; what's your mindset and what's the strategy going into tomorrow to keep yourself in contention and maybe get this championship?

MANDI SEDLAK: Just go out and play golf. It's 18 more holes of golf. Just approach it like any other round of golf, one hole at a time, and if something doesn't quite go my way, then just pick up and move on and keep going forward.

Q. Bigger picture now, how does it feel to be a part of the first ever playing of this championship? How special is it?

MANDI SEDLAK: It's an honor, and I really don't have words for it. It's hard to even describe it. I hope that -- definitely it's going to give me motivation to keep working on my game to hopefully keep qualifying for the future events.

Q. How rewarding is it to share the course with so many other athletes with inspiring stories like yourself?

MANDI SEDLAK: That's also an honor to do that. There's a lot of people that are a lot worse off out here than I am, and the fact that the USGA gave us this opportunity to have such a special week and to treat us as wonderful as they have is something I'll never forget.

Q. How do you think this championship helps amplify stories like yourself and your playing competitors and shines a light on the adaptive community?

MANDI SEDLAK: I think when the general public sees us or other adaptive people in general that maybe aren't inspired by golf, I think that they're going to look at this as hey, I can do this, too, give them encouragement. There's a lot of people that are maybe embarrassed about disability or a setback that they may have in life, and maybe this will give them courage to go out and try something new.

I also think that it's going to give not only amputees but adaptive players in general more respect on their normal golf courses back home, and hopefully be more respected for what we do.

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