U.S. Adaptive Open

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA

Pinehurst Resort & C.C. (Course No. 6)

Chad Pfeifer

Quick Quotes

Q. We've got Chad Pfeifer here. Probably didn't have your best stuff out there today, but you're still in the hunt. What are you looking to do tomorrow to keep yourself in contention here?

CHAD PFEIFER: Yeah, there's definitely a lot of things I can take from today and improve on tomorrow. Yeah, I think the big part for me today was just my irons weren't as sharp as they could have been. I hit one on 16, kind of fanned one into the water, which cost me. I doubled that par-3. Then actually had a poor driver swing on the second par-5 on the back, which -- I still made a good bogey, but it was not the best of swings that I could have had at the time.

But no, I'm still having a great time, so -- I think I said yesterday I could shoot a 90 and it would still be a great event. Nothing is going to take away from this historic event. I'm sure everybody -- the course is playing tough, so I'm sure everybody is wishing they could play their game and play a little better.

But everybody is playing the same course, and I'm pretty sure everybody is having a great time. This is still one of the best events I've ever been a part of and definitely the best adaptive event I've ever been a part of.

Q. You still are in third place, only six shots back. What's the plan for tomorrow to come out charging and maybe post a number and see what happens?

CHAD PFEIFER: Yeah, again, I'll just try to play my best tomorrow. Maybe being with who I'm chasing might help. I'll be able to judge off of his game. But I'm still going to try to be aggressive, stick to the game plan.

The game plan is perfect in theory, right, but you've still got to pull off the shots, and I just didn't do that today. I'll just hopefully get a good warm-up tomorrow and go from there. But yeah, plan is still just to have fun and play the best that I can.

Q. How does this entire experience compare to other championships, other tournaments that you've played in in the past?

CHAD PFEIFER: It's pretty special. I've been fortunate that I've gotten to play some really cool events, the Diamond Resorts, which is now Hilton grand vacations Tournament of Champions for the LPGA, and then we got to play in Hawai'i alongside the Sentry Champions, and then in Dallas Mike Flaskey puts on a great celebrity event down there.

But this one, it's definitely up there as far as best events I've ever played in just because of the players. We're out there, everybody has such an amazing story, and everybody has overcome so much already, and they shouldn't feel -- nobody should feel bad for playing this course tough because it's a tough course. Most everybody has got missing limbs or has a disability or has something that they've overcome that's far more important than golf.

Hopefully everybody leaves here and just is very appreciative for the USGA and all that they've done for adaptive golf.

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