U.S. Adaptive Open

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA

Pinehurst Resort & C.C. (Course No. 6)

Kurtis Barkley

Quick Quotes

Q. Great week overall. What are your takeaways from this historic week in golf and the adaptive community?

KURTIS BARKLEY: Well, it's just an honor and a pleasure to be playing on such a big basis here at Pinehurst. We have at least 40, 50 guys that could win this thing, and it's a grind from day one to day three of one shot at a time, beating the heat, beating the time, beating the course, and trying to stay focused the whole time.

Q. How rewarding is it or was it to share the course with so many other inspiring athletes, those with similar stories to yours?

KURTIS BARKLEY: Well, when you can sit back and you're amazed by your fellow competitors, to watch them hit shots and sit back and enjoy how each and every one of us are different in our ways but we can still crush that ball.

Q. How do you think this championship will help amplify the adaptive community and the stories within it?

KURTIS BARKLEY: It's just plain and simple: We're golfers with just disabilities. It'll show a lot of people that are unsure of what they can do that we can just go and try something, and some day you might be really good at it. It's like a never-give-up attitude.

Q. How is this experience compared to other events you've played in as far as adaptive events?

KURTIS BARKLEY: I play a lot of events. This is definitely probably one of the biggest for sure. The biggest field for sure of like 50 guys could win for sure. It's right up there probably with the best of them for sure.

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