U.S. Adaptive Open

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA

Pinehurst Resort & C.C. (Course No. 6)

Ryanne Jackson

Quick Quotes

Q. We're here with Ryanne Jackson; great playing this week. You're going to finish second in the women's category. Talk a little bit about your round today and then the entire week and how your game was.

RYANNE JACKSON: Yeah, like I said before, coming into this tournament, seeing the yardage, coming from a collegiate playing experience, I knew I had a chance to play some good golf. Unfortunately shot 80 all three rounds, 41-39 every time, so pretty impressively consistent I would say.

Q. Very consistent.

RYANNE JACKSON: But today I put together a good round, just had about 40 seconds of not good golf and had a big number towards the beginning.

Q. Overall what are your takeaways from this historic week in golf and specifically for the adaptive community?

RYANNE JACKSON: I think for me personally, if this tournament hadn't been put on, my golf clubs would be in my garage and I would have stepped away from the game for a while. So I think this tournament has definitely reignited a passion for golf and an interest moving forward to hopefully come back next year and give Kim Moore a little bit of a run.

Q. How rewarding has it been to share the course with so many other inspiring athletes with similar stories like yourself?

RYANNE JACKSON: Yeah, it's been awesome. Just seeing all the different disabilities that are represented here, everyone has a different story a lot of times, some injuries, some people are born with the disabilities that they have, and it's just interesting to hear and hear those stories and their motivations.

Q. How do you think this championship will help amplify the stories in the adaptive community?

RYANNE JACKSON: I think with the USGA behind the adaptive community, it's a big step forward for us, and I'm excited to see -- I heard that the state of Florida is actually interested in having their own adaptive type tournament, which is pretty exciting to have kind of individual states stepping forward and saying this is something we want to do, also.

Q. How is this experience compared to other adaptive events you've competed in?

RYANNE JACKSON: This is actually my first adaptive event. Like I said, I'm coming from college golf. I just played for Eastern Illinois for the past two years. It's nice to be a part of a community, and I'm excited to play in more. I'm definitely going to be looking into them.

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