2015 Men's College World Series

Wednesday, June 24

Virginia 4 - Vanderbilt 2


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THE MODERATOR: Representing Vanderbilt, head coach Tim Corbin, right fielder Rhett Wiseman and shortstop Dansby Swanson. Coach, an opening statement.

COACH CORBIN: I think first I just want to thank the city of Omaha and the NCAA for running what is a carnival-type situation that's magical for these kids, the way they celebrate them and what they do for them. I mean, even as a college student myself, it was something that I always dreamed about getting to. And now that these players have had opportunities to get here, play well, it's just a great experience. Secondly, I just really want to congratulate Virginia. I mean, I think that's first and foremost. It was a very, very gutty performance by their team, their pitching staff, to allow them to get to this point and be successful. I thought Waddell, in a lot of ways, was left for dead but he just got himself up in the fifth, sixth and seventh, he turned the game around. He went one, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three. And when they brought Kirby out, he pitched with a lot of adrenalin. And you know just shut us down. You have to give them a lot of credit. As I told the kids, you can't put it into perspective right now how I feel about our group. And I won't do that. That will be for private time. But I don't know if I'll have another group like this again. This is going to be a tough, tough group to replicate. So anyway, that's that.


Q. Tim, having been on both sides of this, what role do you think momentum has in this final series? Obviously looked like Virginia took it in the second game and held it. What place does momentum have in this?
COACH CORBIN: Well, momentum has a big place in college athletics as a whole. Yeah, they had it in Game 2. But I wasn't really concerned. I thought the verbals by the kids after last night were right on point. I thought they were very ready to play this particular game, and they were. The first inning was huge. We got out of a huge jam ourselves. Walker did. And then we absorbed a punch and then gave one right back and put two runs on the board right away. Rhett's hit was big and Zander's hit was big, too. And thought we had momentum for a time, but we seemed to lose it. And they regained it. And then as we got deeper into the game and we were behind, our at-bats were probably trying to do too much. These kids are very deliberate and they care a lot about what they're doing, and they're trying like hell to make something happen. And we just couldn't.

Q. Rhett, you guys get two runs on Waddell early and kind of looks like you have him on the ropes a little bit. What was he able to do to keep you guys off balance the rest of the outing?
RHETT WISEMAN: I thought he did a pretty good job keeping the ball in the outer half of the plate, and a lot of his misses were out, more so than over the middle of the plate. You know, it's just one of those days where we hit some balls hard right at guys. I feel like that's been kind of a recurrence for these past two days. We've had a lot of quality at-bats, taken a lot of really good swings. On the whole we have nothing to hang our heads about. We'll walk out of here with our heads as high as ever.

Q. Rhett, did you see anything differently out of Waddell early compared to later in the game?
RHETT WISEMAN: No, it's just about stringing quality at-bats together, and we did a better job of that early in the first inning than we did in later halves of the game. But as a whole, I mean, he was consistent throughout the game. And he was coming back on couple days' rest. I don't think he's had five days rest in the past month. So you've got to give him credit.

Q. Dansby, there toward the end you got called out on a check swing. Kind of threw you a little bit. What was going through your mind at that point knowing that was going to be your last at-bat in college baseball?
DANSBY SWANSON: That wasn't on my mind at all. We were trying to win a game. And unfortunately it didn't go in our favor. But I was just trying to battle and just try to make something happen for the team, and it didn't go our way.

Q. For both players, Coach was saying that he doesn't know if he'll have another group like this. How do you put into words, I guess, how this team has come together over the last two years and all you've accomplished. It was hard to probably reflect on that now, but if you could try.
DANSBY SWANSON: I'm good. I mean, when you're able to come together, 35 strong each year and basically have 34 new best friends every year, it's a special moment. And that's what we create. We have a family. It's not just 35 players, it's 50, because we have all the staff and the coaches that put so much effort in. So it's a special thing. I've never been a part of something this amazing in my life. So just want to say thank you to everyone.

RHETT WISEMAN: I think Dansby said it best. You've got 30 brothers out there and the best dad anyone could ask for right here. So it's tough.

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