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Thursday May 18, 2017

Guilia Molinaro

Quick Quotes

Q. Congrats on a great round today. Tell us how you feel walking off the golf course.
GIULIA MOLINARO: Obviously feels great. It's always a great thing to start the day and go early and post a good score.

I'm just happy what I done and proud of myself. Three more days to go.

Q. I imagine being proud, but how about coming back from the 3-putt at 17 and hitting such a good approach at 18? What did you have from the fairway and what were you looking at?
GIULIA MOLINARO: I had 112 yards I -- no, 100 yards. The 3-putt didn't really bother me much because it was a very difficult putt.

I had more chances of having a 3-putt than a 2-putt there. I just accepted it and went on. I just picked the right target, hit the right shot, and it went well.

Q. How is the golf course playing so far?
GIULIA MOLINARO: I love the golf course. The greens are amazing, absolutely amazing. Everything rolls perfectly fine.

Q. How much more fitful is the night's sleep after you go through all this afternoon and probably go play later tomorrow. How much better is it when post a score like that right off the bat.
GIULIA MOLINARO: Again, it's always good to post a score whenever it is. But now to have the whole day to relax and work on things I there is something I want to work on and have a relaxed afternoon, and then sleep in and a good breakfast is always a good thing. Got to get used to playing late. That's when the leaders play, so got to try to get used to it.

Q. You mentioned playing when the leaders play. How much do you take from the experience last year at Arkansas and be on the leaderboard and in contention the last day?
GIULIA MOLINARO: I mean, that was my first time and really the only time I've been right up there, especially so far along the weekend.

When things just go your way, they just go your way. I don't have an answer. I don't know how I do it. Sometimes golf happens and sometimes it doesn't.

Definitely I got to try to put myself in that situation on Sunday more often, and eventually, you know, hopefully one day it will be my day.

Q. What was it like to not only be in contention, but to be contending against such a great leaderboard? Morgan, Lydia were on the board.
GIULIA MOLINARO: That week I tried not to look at the leaderboard. Obviously sometimes it's hard. I try like to keep to myself, and my caddie that week helped.

I honestly did not know who was up there. Today I did look because it's just Thursday and just today.

So, again, when things just go your way, golf is easy.

Q. You have a very compelling backstory. How did your family come to move to Kenya when you were a child, and do you still have your family there?
GIULIA MOLINARO: Yeah, home is still in Kenya, so my parents are still there. I go home for Christmas, I go ti Kenya. My dad went there 30 plus years ago and still works in tourism.

My parents actually met there. She was on vacation there, but my mom is Italian, but was there on vacation. My dad says the best choices he's ever made is to stay there. I agree. It was an amazing upbringing.

Q. What was it like? What was that upbringing like? And now that you've been in the States, how different is it to...
GIULIA MOLINARO: I mean, I love the U.S. and I want to live here. I love the efficiency of the U.S.

Africa a different reality, everything a different pace. You can't -- it's just different. It's hard to explain.

But growing up in I would be on safari seeing the most amazing wildlife ever and live right on the Indian Ocean.

Again, it's an incredible upbringing for a child, and I love going back there when you can.

Q. How does that child become a professional golfer?
GIULIA MOLINARO: I used to play tennis, but I realized at very young age that I wasn't going to make it as a pro in tennis.

My dad just said, Hey, why don't you just try to pick up golf? We had a golf course right next to our house. Just for the social aspect of the game. He said it was going to be for business, to meet people.

And I did and got good pretty fast. I went and played for the Italian National Team, and from there college. I always had a dream to turn pro, and I managed to do it.

Q. How did Arizona State find you, or did you find them?
GIULIA MOLINARO: Both. I mean my last two years of high school high school I was in Florida at IMG Academies, and they help introduce you to universities.

But Melissa Llewellyn did come recruit me in Paris at one tournament, and we had had a few email exchanges. But, yeah, she saw something and believed in me, and I went there and it was the best four years of my life. Was incredible.

Q. When you go back, do you sort of feel the stress melt away?
GIULIA MOLINARO: Absolutely. I mean, I don't use my phone when I'm there. I completely disconnect. I wake up know, I go to the ocean, I just have amazing seafood. It's home so it's easy, but, yes it's definitely easy to disconnect. Nothing to do with. I don't bring my golf clubs.

Q. Are there many golf clubs in Kenya?
GIULIA MOLINARO: There is one literally 300, 400 yards from my house. There are few in Mombasa and a good amount in Nairobi. I've never played golf in Nairobi.

Q. Where was your home?
GIULIA MOLINARO: Diani Beach. It's on the south side of Mombasa.

Q. Sounds breathtaking.
GIULIA MOLINARO: It's incredible, yeah. I'm very lucky.

Q. Spoiled, huh?
GIULIA MOLINARO: Very, very much, yeah. Absolutely.

Q. Have you found being as worldly as you are, as you've traveled on the LPGA Tour and the States and the world really, have you found other areas that match that scenic...
GIULIA MOLINARO: The beauty of Kenya? Honestly, no. I think it's my favorite place in the world.

I've been so many places and I want to see more. Unfortunately with golf you don't always get to see much.

Like now what's the right thing to do? Go rest. If you're in Australia you want to go sightsee, but it's work so you rest and relax.

The magic of the wildlife in Kenya, that's unique. I always tell everyone they should experience it once in their life. But then if they go once, they're going to go back.

Q. You said you had 100 yards with your approach at 18.
GIULIA MOLINARO: Yes. 112. I was right the first time.

Q. What did you hit and how long?
GIULIA MOLINARO: I hit any 54 degree and it was three feet.

Q. Was that among the best shots -- I think you birdied the 8 and 9.
GIULIA MOLINARO: I did birdie 8 and 9.

Q. Which are traditionally two of the harder holes out here.
GIULIA MOLINARO: Yeah, I hit two birdies, both 8-irons, I think, yeah. When golf works, it's easy.

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