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Thursday May 18, 2017

Angel Yin

Quick Quotes

Q. Congratulations on a solid first round. How do you feel walking off the golf course?
ANGEL YIN: I feel great. It's a solid first round.

Q. Tell me about any highlights out there. Birdies, spots you played particularly well.
ANGEL YIN: Made a lot of great up and downs on the front nine. I wasn't hitting that many greens, but I was making those putts.

Q. I believe you said first time here at Kingsmill. Thoughts on the golf course?
ANGEL YIN: It's really nice. When I like played my first nine I was like this is PGA standard. You know, this is not what you get every day.

Q. It's your rookie year, but your experience from the LET, do you feel like you're ready to win on tour?
ANGEL YIN: Yeah, I think I'm ready to win on tour. Yeah, I played a year on European. Helped me learn what it's like as a pro and traveling. I mean, I traveled a lot.

I didn't stay in Europe. I always came back to L.A. in my off weeks.

Q. So do you feel like you're actually a rookie out here still?
ANGEL YIN: Well, yeah, I'm a rookie because I don't know anyone. Honestly, on tour I don't feel like a rookie because second year as a pro. Yeah.

Q. You are on a nice roll. What's kind of coming together for you?
ANGEL YIN: My putting has improved, so that helped a lot.

Q. I think you're second in the Rookie of the Year standings. Was that a goal coming in, that you wanted to win it? Did you have set goals for your first year out here?
ANGEL YIN: Yes, I want to win the Rookie of the Year. I didn't get to win last year's Rookie of the Year. I was second because Aditi played well, but a few tournaments I couldn't play because I had to focus on LPGA Q-School.

My ultimate goal was to come back home and play on this tour.

Q. You're a pretty long hitter, too, right? I read somewhere that you were kind of inspired by Ariya though in maybe not hitting driver as much as you used to, or are you back to slamming driver everywhere?
ANGEL YIN: Well, slamming driver, but more calculated. She inspired me to get a 2-iron in my bag. I had a pretty big gap between my 3-iron and my 3-wood, so that 2-iron really helped. I really don't carry my 3-iron anymore.

Q. Still have the 2-iron in your bag?
ANGEL YIN: Oh, yeah.

Q. When did you put that in there?
ANGEL YIN: Last year. I don't remember when.

Q. Did it come into play today?

Q. Where?
ANGEL YIN: The last par-5 on the front nine.

Q. Out here?
ANGEL YIN: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like the dogleg a little bit. I used 2-iron for second shot.

Q. Get to the green?
ANGEL YIN: No, because I hit like a little three-quarter shot up there, but it was a little short. If I full swung, would've been on the green. But I made birdie, so that's all that mattered.

Q. That's 7?

Q. Was that something you had just saw her hitting a 2-iron? Heard she hit a 2-iron? Did you ask her about it?
ANGEL YIN: I just heard she got a 2-iron, yeah.

Q. It's unusual, right? How many players do you play against that have a 2-iron in their bag?
ANGEL YIN: I actually saw Anna with a 2-iron today.

Q. Really?

Q. Is it spreading out here?
ANGEL YIN: Yeah, it's spreading out here.

Q. Wanted to ask you too, seems like you like to have a lot of fun on your Twitter account and things like that. How would you describe your personality for people just getting to know you?
ANGEL YIN: Very open, very direct. I say what I think. You know, sometimes that's not a good thing, but that's just me.

Q. You seem like you have the ability to laugh at things and at yourself too, right?
ANGEL YIN: Yeah, I agree. I mean, yeah.

Q. Who are your pals out here? Who do you hang with?
ANGEL YIN: I know Mo Martin and my friend from Iceland, Olafia.

Q. How did you get to know her?
ANGEL YIN: LET. Yeah, someone thought I went to Wake Forest, but I have a USC head cover on. Even though I didn't go there. I didn't go there. Stating that, too.

Q. So you have a USC head cover. You just like it?
ANGEL YIN: Because I know the head coach, Coach Gaston there. She gave it to me.

Q. You had quite a bit of LPGA experience before being a rookie. You played in two or three ANAs?
ANGEL YIN: Two. Two. Two before this year, yeah.

Q. And I know you were like 13 when you qualified for the U.S. Women's Open.
ANGEL YIN: That's good you remember that.

Q. How many Women's Opens have you played?

Q. How much has all of that helped you with this year?
ANGEL YIN: With the majors, I mean, I don't know. I felt like that didn't really help me because was one tournament. I didn't really learn too much. Only thing I learned was that my game wasn't up there. I needed to work on it more.

Like my short game was not on. LET really helped me experience it, and then that experience helped me here. If that makes sense. Just blabbing.

Q. It was a pretty big stage playing Michelle in the match play. How was that experience for you?
ANGEL YIN: It was good. Learned a lot. Because of that, actually looking into like a mental coach. Met up with Vision 54 recently. Should I tell them that?

Yeah, so...

Improving myself.

Q. Awesome. All right.
ANGEL YIN: Thanks.

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