Kingsmill Championship Presented by JTBC

Thursday May 18, 2017

Gerina Piller

Quick Quotes

Q. Sum up your day for us.
GERINA PILLER: It was kind of a good all-around day. Hit some fairways, hit some greens, and early on made some longer putts.

It's always good to get off to that kind of start and get comfortable. The greens are rolling phenomenal. The course is in the best shape I've ever seen it.

Just happy to be under par and looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. You've had good finishes out here before. What do you like about this course?
GERINA PILLER: I think it just suits my eye. I feel like my length is definitely an advantage out here. Obviously played with Lexi and Ariya, and having shorter irons, especially now that the greens are getting firmer. Shorter irons, more spin. You can kind of go at the pins and kind of attack it versus trying to roll it up and use the slope.

I just like everything about it. It suits my eye.

Q. Does it help you particularly when one of your playing partners is playing as well as you are or does that not matter to you?
GERINA PILLER: You know, sometimes you can kind of feed off of them. You know, I felt like I just try to play my own game. They definitely got a few years on me; swing a little harder than I do.

Just trying to stick with my own game and hit the slot at hand as best I can.

Q. The international field here and every week is so strong. Do you feel like the need to raise the flag for your country when you come out here every week?
GERINA PILLER: I mean, I would love to do it every week just because I love my country. I think that the Americans aren't as dominant anymore because golf has become so worldwide. It's all over the world now. Our competition is so much better than it was back when we would dominate.

Look at any sport. Look at the Olympics. There are countries that are coming and making a run. So just the competition is a lot tougher.

Q. You feel like you have anything left to prove in golf? If so, to whom?
GERINA PILLER: Not really. I mean, I know I haven't won, and that doesn't define my career. I'm okay with that. I would love to get my first win, but golf is merely my job. It's not who I am. If I come out here and I still love competing and working at it, I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing.

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