Kingsmill Championship Presented by JTBC

Thursday May 18, 2017

Aditi Ashok

Quick Quotes

Q. Congrats on your round. A little stumble there at the end, but tell me how you feel coming off the golf course today.
ADITI ASHOK: I think it was good. I started off well and hit the ball well for the most part.

Yeah, happy.

Q. First time here at Kingsmill. What are your thoughts on this golf course? We're hearing great reviews.
ADITI ASHOK: It's a beautiful golf course. It's my first time here, but I'm loving it. I really like the greens. They're nice and quick. Obviously I'll get to know it better over the days, but I'm enjoying it so far.

Q. Any particular hole that stands out to you that you like th best or a particular spot on the golf course?
ADITI ASHOK: The par-5s are pretty nice, and the end, 16, 17 where you get to see the river, that's pretty neat.

Q. So you're a couple weeks now into your LPGA rookie season. How are you feeling? How are you enjoying it?
ADITI ASHOK: Oh, I'm enjoying it. I think this has been my childhood dream to be on the LPGA. To sort of finally be here and play events and be a touring professional feels good.

I haven't had that many great finishes so far, so I'm going to try and do that next few weeks.

Q. What was kind of your first initial reaction of this course seeing it for the first time? What jumped out to you?
ADITI ASHOK: I think the trees. They're such tall trees and it's tree lined. At least I haven't played on many golf courses like that. So it's not really narrow, but I think the trees stood out to me.

Q. I'm sure you get this question all the time, and will continue to get, but can you tell me what it's like to represent your country and just the pride that goes along with that?
ADITI ASHOK: Yeah, it's good to be one of the only few. Hopefully there will be a lot more girls from India taking up golf and hopefully playing on the LPGA. To be the only one right now, it feels good.

I hope with every tournament I play and every performance I can inspire more girls back home.

Q. Your parents played?
ADITI ASHOK: No. We all started together.

Q. Started together?
ADITI ASHOK: At the same time, yeah.

Q. What age was that?
ADITI ASHOK: When I was five and a half, yeah.

Q. Your dad has caddied for you before?
ADITI ASHOK: Yeah, he caddied actually the first few events and the ANA Inspiration, yeah.

Q. What's it like kind of learning as a family then? How did that work exactly?
ADITI ASHOK: It's pretty cool. I travel with both my parents most of the time, so it's a fun experience. It's cool that they get to be a part of this whole experience along with me.

My dad has caddied for me quite a few times, especially in the Olympics. He enjoyed that, too. It's a good thing to have my family with me.

Q. Do you fell any sort of pressure at all with so many people I am sure back home watching and cheering you on?
ADITI ASHOK: Yes and no. I just come out here and I'm just a rookie, I'm just 19, trying to do better than most other rookies out here.

Just trying to do my best each week, and eventually if I do well, my country also gets the credit.

Q. Did the Olympic experience hit home for you, exactly what it meant to your country?
ADITI ASHOK: Yeah, I mean, it was really big. I figured that out when I got there. It was something I've never experienced before and it was one of the best weeks of my career so far just being part of that whole experience and to get to represent India.

Hopefully I can do that again in Tokyo.

Q. Do you feel any responsibility to help grow the game there or are you just out here kind of playing?
ADITI ASHOK: I mean, the responsibility always lies with the Federation and the national bodies, but players can do a lot. Just by me being on the LPGA and playing week and week out and hopefully performing well, if that inspires more girls back home to take up golf, then I think I have grown the game in a way.

Q. Do you have brothers and sisters that play?
ADITI ASHOK: No. Just me.

Q. You're only child?

Q. Are your parents here?
ADITI ASHOK: Yeah. My mom and dad are here this week.

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