Kingsmill Championship Presented by JTBC

Friday May 19, 2017

Danielle Kang

Quick Quotes

Q. Bogey-free round. How do you feel coming off the golf course?
DANIELLE KANG: Feel really good coming off the golf course. I had to tweak my putting a little bit after yesterday. I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning last night because I couldn't sleep because of my putting.

I did some practice putting in my room and I felt good, and then I came out and I just trusted my putting and they were rolling in.

Q. What was the tweak? It seemed to have worked.
DANIELLE KANG: You know, I was trying to do something different with my putting and I thought I could putt better by changing it. Then yesterday I stuck with it and it just didn't work out for me.

So then today, last night I was like, Okay, I got to go back to what I was doing before. When you tweak something it causes another problem. Now my normal stroke feels like it's something I need to work on.

It was a drama, but I wanted to work on speed. Today all I really worried about was getting the right speed and also trying to hit some greens.

Yesterday me and David Leadbetter finally got my swing to where we wanted it to be; however, the shot shape changed. So then I need to start imagining the fade. I needed to get used to it. Yesterday was kind of like a trial.

Q. How does that work in your mind? All the changes, putting them together? Is it a slow process?
DANIELLE KANG: Sometimes people are afraid of change, so I have never really hit a fade, but now my shot shape is a fade.

Yesterday I was talking to Michelle on the phone and she was like, You know what? Sometimes you just got to aim in the middle of the green and just fade the damn ball.

I go, I know, but how about if it doesn't? She goes, You got to give that one a try.

I was like why, Okay, whatever. That's what I did today. I just kind of trusted my swing and what it was going to do, and then trusted all the five-yard cuts that I've been practicing.

Now instead of instinctive draw, I trust the shot. Yesterday was a trust issue. I had a trust issue with my own game.

I like it though. I'm working on it. And in the future, I'm hitting it farther, contacting it better, so that I feel it's coming together more and more. You can't revert back to old habits because you're scared.

Q. Hot day out here. Feel good to get done before the heat of the day, and how is the golf course handling the weather?
DANIELLE KANG: The golf course is in beautiful shape honestly. Fairways are running well. The greens are really -- it's firm but not firm, and then it's really fast. It's a good test of the golf game by Kingsmill.

That's why everyone likes to come out here. The golf course is so beautiful, it's tree lined, you have to focus on every shot.

There is not a single hole where you're going, Okay, it's just straight down the middle or hit the fairway, hit the green.

No. Like every green has its own little character. That's what I like about this golf course. It's fun.

Q. Good. Well, it treated you well today. Enjoy your afternoon.

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