Kingsmill Championship Presented by JTBC

Friday May 19, 2017

In Gee Chun

Quick Quotes

Q. Great round today. Started off interesting with a double bogey, but a lot of birdies. How do you feel?
IN GEE CHUN: Yeah, I did not start well. I made double bogey on the first hole. After that, walking to second tee I said, Forget it; start again. Then I try staying be patient. Made a lot of birdies after first hole.

Also today is my caddie Dylan and my manager Kylie birthday, so I try more focus on my game. I want to say happy birthday to them. Yeah.

Q. What was the best part of your game today?
IN GEE CHUN: Honestly, before the start tournament my shot was not good. I try think about percentage on the course.

Also, I try stay middle of the green. It was made a lot of birdie chance on the green.

Q. You play well on difficult courses. This course has been likened to a major championship course. The greens are firm; rough is up; every thing seems to be in major championship condition. Has that helped you? And if so, how?
IN GEE CHUN: I'm always enjoy to play the tough course because a lot of challenging there. Without challenge, my feel was too boring, then nothing.

I think this mind is make a good finish there. Tough course, yeah.

Q. Do you like where you stand as you head into the weekend with your solid score?
IN GEE CHUN: I had good memory here because last year I made nine birdies during the third round.

I know my shot was not perfect now, so I try keep focus on my game and then try think about percentage game and then see where I am later.

Q. How motivated were you playing with a partner who was playing so well?
IN GEE CHUN: Shanshan and Suzann? Yeah, I always happy to play with them because Suzann is really good friend of me, and then Shanshan is good person. I really enjoy to play with them.

Also they play was so good, so I hope they're getting more better during the weekend.

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