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Friday May 19, 2017

Lydia Ko

Quick Quotes

Q. So four birdies, no bogeys. Very good day today. How do you feel?
LYDIA KO: It was a pretty steady round. The front nine I gave myself a lot of looks for birdies, and a lot of them really slipped by. But like I said yesterday, I feel like I'm putting good strokes on it. That's all I can do at the end of the day.

I got a you few lucky bounces. Even my birdie on my first hole, I got a really good kick and it ended up being a tap-in birdie.

It's always nice when the luck is there and you are able to give yourself many looks for birdies.

Playing well I think in the real front nine I think was good to get confidence going into the weekend.

Q. Fair to say that you were very consistent today?
LYDIA KO: Yeah, I think I was hitting it a little bit better and I hit a few more greens in regulation. When you're hitting more greens, automatically gives you more birdie opportunities.

Because the greens are faster and there are subtle slopes. Sometimes even though you're on the green it's not an automatic two-putt either.

I think you need to give yourself as many looks for birdie, but sometimes you need to be smart with your play, too.

Q. We got a lot of players to play yet, but do you like your position?
LYDIA KO: I like where I am. Obviously wish I could be a little bit better. You can say that with any round. The afternoon field is still -- they still have 18 holes to go. There is a lot of golf to be played.

All I need to do is focus on my game and be excited for the weekend.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
LYDIA KO: I think, yeah, my best finish was the year that Lizette won, I think. I have always liked this place. The resort is nice. I've stayed on-site the last couple years. It's always nice to walk out of your room and the 9th hole is right there and you can walk out to the putting green. It's just so convenient.

Especially this year. The course is in such amazing condition. I haven't seen the course in this amazing conditions, and I think the new owners have put in so much effort and time to make it the best they can for us.

They love seeing us here, and the crowds have been great so far. I think there is just so many positives and great things about this place. That's why not only me, but the top players keep coming back.

Q. Last fall when you were going through all the changes and really your scores were struggling a little bit, did you ever feel like you were struggling or did you always feel like, This is the right path?
LYDIA KO: I obviously didn't feel like everything was on. I was really struggling with my long game. Even if I putt good, if the long game is not there is a limit on how low you can do.

I was able to shoot low second round of CME, and that's when everything kind of clicked.

I said two years ago I was struggling a little bit in the middle of my season; last year towards the end of the season; this year seems like it was more towards the first few tournaments.

Hopefully that's gone away. Having my good finish in Hawaii definitely I think builds confidence. Especially with all the changes. It takes time to get used to. I feel like everything is going the right direction.

My team is great, so all I got to do is be confident and trust my game and have fun on the golf course.

Q. Some of us haven't been through four putters in 40 years. You've done it in less than a year. Are you now satisfied? Are you where you want to be?
LYDIA KO: I think I had six putters in my rookie year, so...

They say like putter is the club that you change the least I guess often, but I had quite a few my rookie year.

I really been liking the Bat Attack. Even if I don't putt that good, I still feel like it sits great and it's square. Just starts with the setup. I sometimes struggle, Hey is the toe up or the heel up? With this putter I feel like it sits pretty flat. That's always a good start.

Hopefully I'll be able to get a few more putts it drop. I really like how it's going. The team at PXG has been putting so much time to get it sorted for me, and I think it's been showing. So I'm happy with that.

Q. Someone mentioned steadiness and consistency earlier. How important is that out here opposed to birdie one hole, bogey the next?
LYDIA KO: I guess it's better than par the one hole and bogey the next. Consistency I think is so important. Week in, week out we're playing a lot of golf. You can see by the players that everybody is putting themselves in contention and putting themselves always up there.

It just shows how consistent the whole tour is and how many times the players give themselves opportunities to be in contention or be leading.

So it also shows the amount of talent level. That's why I say every year I think to be more consistent and to be more steady, if we can keep topping that up and keep maintaining that, you're always going to have a pretty steady season I think.

Q. This isn't a major, but is the setup such that it's a pretty good warmup for one?
LYDIA KO: I think the greens especially is probably the best we've putted on all year in my opinion. It's rolling so pure and the speed is there and it's firm. The course isn't completely wide. There are positions you can get offline and it's going to be tough to get on the green.

It's not a major, but they have definitely put it to make it the best they can as if it was a major. Just shows how much work the superintendant has put in to make it in this kind of condition.

Obviously because the rain has stayed away the last few days, that's definitely helped to dry it up a touch.

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