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Friday May 19, 2017

Austin Ernst

Quick Quotes

Q. Congrats on a great round today. How do you feel coming off the golf course?
AUSTIN ERNST: It was really solid. I hit a ton of greens. I don't really know how many. I had a few longer putts, but I putted the ball well. Really it was just kind of speed.

When I missed them, I kind of hammered them through the line. So I had a few four- or five-footers coming back, but I made pretty much all those.

Yeah, just steady golf.

Q. Being a southern girl I am sure the heat doesn't necessarily get to you. How is the golf course holding up over these hot and humid days?
AUSTIN ERNST: Greens are firming out. Especially yesterday afternoon you could tell just they're baking. You had a few spots you know they're going to release seven or eight yards, where earlier in the week they were releasing two or three.

Really have to pick your spots. There are a lot of little subtleties to the greens, too, so you really have to pay attention or you're going to hit it on a downslope or land it kind of into a slope. That affects it, too.

Q. We ask all the Americans and all the Europeans about Solheim Cup. ^ STRAT you got pat answers. Just like oh, yes it's very important to us were be honest. Do you think about it at all?
AUSTIN ERNST: Honestly, not really. Not while you're on the course many my outlook is if I play well, win tournaments, then I'm going to make the team.

Why really think stresses over it and thinking about what have to do -- at the end of the day, the best golfers are going to make it. I think that's my outlook on it.

Obviously I really want to make the team, but I don't think that if you thought about it and said, Oh, my gosh I really want to make the Solheim Cup team playing, I don't think that's going to help you.

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