Kingsmill Championship Presented by JTBC

Friday May 19, 2017

Gerina Piller

Quick Quotes

Q. Sum up your day for us. Great round.
GERINA PILLER: Yeah, again, game feels really solid. Made some putts early and just couldn't get up and down the last couple. But the chip-in was nice, so game feels good.

Feel like my putting is really great right now. Just excited for tomorrow.

Q. Any adjustments you'll make for the weekend?
GERINA PILLER: No. Just keeping the game plan: hit the fairway, hit the green, make the putt. Keeping it as simple as possible.

Q. Delays are always tough for everybody, but you were on a roll at that point. Was it tough to sit for an hour there?
GERINA PILLER: No, not at all. I came out and I think I had a make like a two-footer, and then had two great birdie chances after that about eight, six feet.

These greens are rolling so pure. Just got to match up that speed with the line. Hopefully a little more putts fall tomorrow.

Q. How big was that chip on 17 for you, especially finishing up this round with the delay and everything, but also going into the weekend?
GERINA PILLER: Yeah, it's always good to get a chip-in. I've been hit ting it great. Not to get up and down on 16 and to chip in on 17 was a huge momentum changer for me. Unfortunately bogeyed the last, but that's okay. I did that yesterday. I'm not far back.

Q. A lot of world ranked players near the top of the leaderboard. Comfortable there?
GERINA PILLER: For sure. I feel like I belong out there and I feel like my game is as good as anyone's.

Q. You've been playing with Lexi the last few days. How has she been playing that you've seen?
GERINA PILLER: She's been great obviously. She's leading the tournament. You don't lead the tournament by not playing well. You know, she's a great ball-striker and hits it far. This course definitely suits the long ball hitters, especially now. The greens are firming up and getting a little quicker. To have a shorter iron in is definitely an advantage.

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