Kingsmill Championship Presented by JTBC

Saturday May 20, 2017

Sei Young Kim

Quick Quotes

Q. Congrats. Great third round, 66 today. How do you feel? It seemed like a pretty successful day for you.
SEI YOUNG KIM: I'm very happy to play well. Yesterday and the first round I want good my putter and then wasn't good shot.

But I needed to the improve the shot and then putting, and then after round I practice not much, just a little bit, and then I play well today, yeah.

Q. You say your putter wasn't maybe well the first two rounds, but still shot two 69s and followed with a 66. Something seems to be clicking for you. How is the golf course treating you?
SEI YOUNG KIM: I love this golf course. Last year I play really good result, I have a good result, and I love to the green speed this golf course; very faster than the -- yeah, very faster.

And, yeah, I love to the hitting of the ball on the fairway and on the green. Yeah, I love this course.

Q. On the front nine you had an eagle. Any day that you have an eagle is a good one. Tell us about what happened there.
SEI YOUNG KIM: That hole, 8 -- hole 7, was a little downwind, and then I had 162 meter to the pin; it was very short. I hit the 5-iron and I tried to go to the right of the pin, so, yeah, it was right -- the hitting, yeah, it was good.

Q. So you're really close to the lead now. What do you do tonight as you've played yourself in contention going into the last day?
SEI YOUNG KIM: What's the leader score?

Q. Right now Lexi is at 13-under. You're within a couple strokes.
SEI YOUNG KIM: Oh, yeah. Just having a good dinner and rest. Yeah, prepare for tomorrow.

Q. Good luck. Have a good night.
SEI YOUNG KIM: Thank you.

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