Kingsmill Championship Presented by JTBC

Saturday May 20, 2017

Lydia Ko

Quick Quotes

Q. Looks like you had a great round today. Can you just sum up what was going well for you.
LYDIA KO: You know, it was really tough out there with the wind action being opposite to what we've played the last couple days. I thought the forecast said it was going to be light breeze. If this is light breeze, I don't know what windy is.

But, no, I tried to stay strong until the end. With the 18th play a little differently to how we've played the last couple days I think it was nice. Nice for the fans to see a lot of birdies. I think the strong finish will definitely give me good momentum going into tomorrow.

Q. It's been a while since your last win. How are you preparing heading into tomorrow in contention?
LYDIA KO: I just got to focus on my game. The girls are playing great. I think Lexi is leading right now and she's confident. I haven't been able to play with her, but I heard she's hitting her drives well. And especially when she's hitting her drives well and that long, it's a huge advantage.

So I am just going to concentrate on my game tomorrow and do the best I can, and hopefully make a bunch of birdies.

Q. Ball striking where you want it right now?
LYDIA KO: I was actually hitting the ball pretty good today. When I did miss it I missed it in the wrong spots. It was really tough for me to make up and down in those certain areas I did miss it on.

But overall I thought it felt better today than yesterday. That's always good when day by day you feel like it's a little better.

Q. One of the tendencies players have then they might be feeling like they struggle a little bit with their putting is going at flags you wouldn't ordinarily go for. Do you sense you may've done that a time or two?
LYDIA KO: You know, I'm not a long hitter, and especially when the greens are as firm as right now, it's tough to be able to go at every single pin.

But considering what position I'm in, I don't know exactly how many shots behind I am and the leaders are still yet to finish, I think I will need to make a bunch of birdies.

In some cases I might need to be a little bit more aggressive in some positions. But at the end, I just got to focus on that one shot at the time. Sometimes being too aggressive might lead to a mistake.

So you just have to be smart out here. When you do get the birdie opportunities, try and hole it.

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