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Thursday May 17, 2018

Annie Park

Quick Quotes

Q. What was going right for you out there today?
ANNIE PARK: I was hit ting it well, putting it pretty well. I was struggling reading putts in the mid-round, but started to, you know, roll some putts in.

So it was a good day.

Q. There is a lot of golf left to be played even today and the tournament. It's got to be good to be in the position you are. You got to feel good about that.
ANNIE PARK: Definitely feels great. I mean, have a good rest tonight and another new day tomorrow.

Q. You feel fortunate getting that ahead of the weather?
ANNIE PARK: I'm sorry?

Q. Do you feel fortunate getting a round like that ahead of the weather?
ANNIE PARK: For sure. I mean, we're very fortunate to play in rain-free weather. It was a good day. Hopefully it stays like this the rest of the week.

Q. Can you walk us through the birdie, eagle, birdie stretch, 14, 15, and 16, please?
ANNIE PARK: Yeah. So that birdie on that stretch, I hit the pin, so, I mean, it was a good shot. Maybe it was too good. Still hit a good putt.

The next hole, eagle. I mean, I hit -- it was an okay 3-wood, but got lucky with it. Almost went in for an albatross, so that was a good hole.

And then the next, 16, I hit a great second shot, approach shot. I had like four feet in and made a good putt there.

Q. How long was your eagle? How close did you come to a double eagle?
ANNIE PARK: Apparently I was super close. I had like about a foot, two feet.

Q. Really?
ANNIE PARK: It was good. Yeah.

Q. That was on 15?
ANNIE PARK: That was on 15, yes.

Q. Talk about your save on 18. Looked like you were heading for a bogey there.
ANNIE PARK: Yeah, I was kind of up on the lip in the bunker shot, but hit a good out and hit a great pitch shot. It was a good hole.

Q. Did the back nine suit you a little bit better, or could you feel your game coming around on the back nine?
ANNIE PARK: I mean, overall I had a great day. I hit some good shots. Lucky enough, I had some short birdie putts, short eagle putt, and that helps.

It was a great day overall.

Q. Should have looked this up before I came out here, but where does this rank among your low rounds?
ANNIE PARK: Like for this year or...

Q. Well, for career.
ANNIE PARK: Well, my lowest was 8-under, so maybe this week it'll be better than that.

We'll see.

Q. How many years have you played this tournament?
ANNIE PARK: This is my third year out here.

Q. Anything about this place that stands out to you?
ANNIE PARK: I've actually been playing this course since I was a junior golfer. Had some junior tournaments out here.

I love the course. It's always in great shape. It's beautiful, especially on 17 right by that water. It's a great view. I personally enjoy playing this golf course.

Q. You win the national championship as a freshman, and then your rookie year the Symetra Tour you win three times. Was there almost a part of you that thinks, Wow, this is pretty easy?
ANNIE PARK: No. I mean, golf is always hard for anyone, right? So just focusing on each shot. Just focusing on each hole one at time is usually what I try to do out there; not to get ahead of myself.

I mean, these low rounds are always great, but it's always a new day tomorrow and a new week.

Q. This is your third tournament this year, is that right?
ANNIE PARK: On the tour, yes.

Q. Have you been playing elsewhere?
ANNIE PARK: So I Mondayed in for the San Fran, and then played the Texas and got reshuffled in for this tournament.

Q. You played Symetra as well, though, right?
ANNIE PARK: Yeah. So I played the first two Symetra events. Then since I got into the San Fran by Mondaying in, I was lucky enough to get reshuffled.

So I'll be playing LPGA until Arkansas, until that next reshuffle there.

Q. What were the junior events that you played here?
ANNIE PARK: It was like PGA GT (phonetic.)

I believe SCWT played out here. Pretty sure AJGA played out here, too. I mean, I've been here since I was like ten. I've been here. I've been around. It's only like an eight-hour drive from New York, so we would always drive down here.

When we played, it was always cold so it's obviously different conditions. I honestly -- it's always been a great golf course, great conditions, even since I was in junior golf. In my memories.

Q. It was always the River Course that you played, not any of the other courses?
ANNIE PARK: We actually played the other course, too.

Q. Oh, you played Plantation?

Q. Okay.
ANNIE PARK: And I believe I played the Horseshoe.

Q. Okay. Golden Horseshoe there in town?
ANNIE PARK: Yes. I think I played there, too. Kind of familiar with the area a little bit.

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