Kingsmill Championship Presented by GEICO

Friday May 18, 2018

Nasa Hataoka

Quick Quotes

Q. Another bogey-free round. How did you feel out there?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) I putt really better than yesterday, so I played really well today.

Q. I heard someone say you were very dialed in and felt like nothing could go wrong with your game. How did you feel? How was your focus?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) Yeah, I'm not nervous today and I focused on one shot at a time. I hit it good.

Q. What do you think is the best part of your game right now?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) I think off the tee.

Q. Off the tee?
NASA HATAOKA: I hit it really good off the tee.

Q. You almost made another hole-in-one today on the same hole. How about that shot?
NASA HATAOKA: (Laughter.) (Through translation.) Yeah, the tee is forward and short irons and wedges on my hands, so in my mind I just say two cuts from to the right side.

So it's so close.

Q. Yeah. So last year -- was that the first time you played this course last year? Yes. But missed the cut. Why do you think this year you're playing so well?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) Yeah, I think the golf course suits me. I was thinking about last year kind of suit me, but I think my golf game is coming back this year.

Q. Just in your second year, how much more comfortable do you feel out here playing a full schedule on the LPGA?
NASA HATAOKA: (Through translation.) I think last year I didn't know the golf course at all; this year kind of I know the golf course. And also I plan really well a little week to week.

Q. Great. Thank you.
NASA HATAOKA: Thank you.

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