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Friday May 18, 2018

Angel Yin

Quick Quotes

Q. Just first of all how good to be able to finish two rounds?
ANGEL YIN: Oh, yeah. To finish two rounds, I didn't think we were able to be -- sorry. Sorry.

Q. You're so ecstatic to finish two rounds.
ANGEL YIN: Yeah, I was really happy. Just a little hot, too. The weather turned out really well. I thought it was going to be pouring all day today, especially when I looked at the forecast and it said 90% all day.

Today when we played, before our round it just poured a little bit but after that it cleared up. And the sun is out now and it's really, really, really hot.

Q. What went right for you today?
ANGEL YIN: My putting. Yesterday I was putting well, but towards the middle of the round to the ending of the round I wasn't dropping as many putts. It was next to the hole a lot, but I wasn't making them.

Today more of them went in so the score was a little lower.

Q. Is there something about the way you're playing now and this course that makes you think you should be a good contender for the weekend?
ANGEL YIN: This course fits my game really well. These are kind of the courses I like. It's like similar to Lake Merced. A little bit different, but very similar.

I've been hitting it pretty well and putting pretty well, too. I have a good chance.

Q. Do you think your finish at Lake Merced has boosted you here this week?
ANGEL YIN: Of course. For sure. It's like a mental boost.

Q. Tell me about the mental part right now. You must feel like you're in a pretty good place.
ANGEL YIN: Yeast, I'm in a pretty good place. I've been working on the things that I wasn't happy with my game, too thrilled about, and it's turning out really well.

So I'm really happy about that.

Q. What are some of those things?
ANGEL YIN: (Laughter.) Ball control, distance control. Just shots inside 120 yards.

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