Kingsmill Championship Presented by GEICO

Friday May 18, 2018

Megan Khang

Quick Quotes

Q. 8-under for the tournament: 4-under on Thursday, 4-under on Friday. How do you feel out there after 36 holes?
MEGAN KHANG: I'm feeling pretty good right now. Ball-striking is getting there. The week off definitely helps. I went back home. My dad and I worked on swing. My caddie and I were just working out really good numbers.

Just tried to stay patient with the weather being the way it is.

Q. How about your game overall? Grade out your season. How do you want to improve?
MEGAN KHANG: Definitely the beginning of my season was working like around that B+, A.

And then towards the middle on the west coast it kind of just started going down. Time to take a break. Come back home. Have dad work on the swing.

Right now it's slowly coming back up and I'm feeling pretty confident. I mean, out here you just got to stay patient. My dad is a phone call away. We're always chatting about the golf swing when we're not on the course.

Q. When you go home and work with dad, what are you tinkering with?
MEGAN KHANG: We're just working on the takeaway. Just kind of -- because if yu work on the golf swing, just going to straighten out everything. With him it's all about positioning. We do lot of working on positions.

In the end, it's going to fix itself on the golf course.

Q. How much do you like coming to Kingsmill and Williamsburg? I think you said four years ago you came here as an amateur and Mondayed. How much do you like coming back here year after year?
MEGAN KHANG: I love coming about to Kingsmill. They're so open-arms welcoming. The golf course really suits my game.

I it think being east coast as well it definitely is much better for me travel-wise.

But definitely I try not miss this tournament. I hope I don't miss it in the future.

Q. What do you remember about that first year you came here as an amateur and Mondayed?
MEGAN KHANG: That's the funniest thing. I met my host family that year. I was an amateur of course and I was playing with Candie Kung. We were on the 13th hole, the par-3. (Indiscernible). And they blow the horn, and the two families like on the corner right there, they're like, Oh, just come inside. Like, It's okay.

I asked Candie, I was like, Hey is it okay if we go in? She said, Yeah, I don't see why not. My dad and one of the guys got talking and he said, Hey, if you're a pro next year and you want to stay, stay here with us.

So I've been staying with the same host family for like the past three, four years. It's so nice coming back to them.

Q. Yeah, we have talked to other players that have similar stories to that in that they've stayed with their host families for so many years here. Is that kind of nice, when you have a family to come to when you come to a new location?
MEGAN KHANG: Definitely nice because you don't get to see them often. It's once a year. I love my host family and they're very understanding about my situation here. They understand I am here for golf. Technically here for work.

But I love spending time with them. They got a new dog and I love dogs, so it's perfect.

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