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Saturday May 19, 2018

Wayne Nooe

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Q. So Wayne, obviously a bummer. What's kind of going on? Just kind of explain what's going on the last 48 hours and today.
WAYNE NOOE: Well, obviously been a lot of weather watching, radar watching just to see what the weather patterns were.

We were very fortunate on Wednesday and Thursday for those patterns to miss us and really work around us most of the days on those two days.

Today we got a little overnight, and then this morning about 6:30 we had a pretty heavy downpour; about an inch of rain in about 30 minutes. Really just got the golf course to a point where it was very difficult to get it back.

You know, it is disappointing. Tournament staff has put a lot of the work into presenting a nice product to the players. The agronomy team, I have to give them some props for what they've done over the last couple days with what they've faced.

With the weather they dealt with they had a golf course that was just about ready to play until we had the rain this morning.

Q. I was talking to Jessica Korda a couple days ago. She said if I saw one of the groundskeepers I want to say thank you, because those guys worked really hard to try, right? I know they were out here early this morning again.
WAYNE NOOE: Well, there are a number of the groundscrew that been coming in at 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning getting everything set up. They have been doing a lot of work with light towers as they go around the golf course so that we were well ahead of play.

Obviously trying to pump water out of bunkers and get bunkers back together is really the main thing.

Yeah, they've put a lot of hours in this week and a lot of effort to try to get the golf course ready. Mother Nature just hasn't cooperated, this morning particularly with that heavy rain that came through.

But they've done a fantastic job. Tomorrow when the players show up, we'll have a golf course ready for them.

Q. Then give us an idea of the plan for Sunday. Obviously got to finish 60 players in the second round. Tournament has been shortened to 54. Give us the plan for Sunday.
WAYNE NOOE: Yeah, tomorrow morning we were planning on taking players out, start at 7:30 to finish the second round. There are some players that have to play -- I think the last group has to play eight holes.

Try to make a fairly quick turn with the cut, get them back out sometime around 10:30, 10:45. Playing in threesomes off 1 and 10 and try to get the tournament wrapped up sometime around 6:00 tomorrow afternoon.

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