Kingsmill Championship Presented by GEICO

Sunday May 20, 2018

Eun Hee Ji

Quick Quotes

Q. Tell us about the first 11 holes, that stretch there.
EUN HEE JI: Yeah, felt pretty good with my putting. Reading is pretty good, and I just hit it right there and just falls in everything.

Q. You couldn't miss?
EUN HEE JI: Feels like it.

Q. Is that fun, when you're in the zone like that?
EUN HEE JI: Yes, yes. It's really fun too going in the hole, balls going in the hole.

Actually, I putt not too well first two rounds. Doesn't make any putts from first two rounds, but today just going in everything.

Q. U.S. Open is in two weeks. Does a good finish here today boost you for the U.S. Open, do you think?
EUN HEE JI: Yeah. Just keep get to build up there. You know, like my swinging not great, not perfect, not too bad, but keep it going up to what I want.

So, yeah, it's better for my imagery.

Q. Your confidence?
EUN HEE JI: Confidence, yeah.

Q. At Kia in the final round you had a hole-in-one, right?

Q. And today you have a good final round. Do you feel like sort of the final round is a good -- you know what I mean? You played well in the final round in Kia, you played the final round here. Feel like you play your best sort of when you need to in a way? When the pressure is on?
EUN HEE JI: Yeah. Actually, didn't pressure much. I just feel more relax when I playing well.

That's -- I think that's why I played well. Yeah.

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