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Sunday May 20, 2018

Lauren Coughlin

Quick Quotes

Q. That last hole leave a bad taste in your mouth?
LAUREN COUGHLIN: Yeah, I mean, all day just couldn't really get anything going. It was rough, but played well overall.

I'm happy with my overall.

Q. Was 17 your best opportunity?
LAUREN COUGHLIN: No. I had opportunities -- I mean, on the front nine I had three or four in the first five holes; just didn't drop anything.

17 I had another one.

Yeah, same thing that happened on the first day where I just couldn't really get anything going.

It's all right.

Q. When you think about - I know obviously 18 - but just overall, being here, what is it, your third money check in a row?
LAUREN COUGHLIN: Yeah, three cuts in a row.

Q. Do you feel like you're trending in the right direction?
LAUREN COUGHLIN: Yeah, definitely. Definitely. I'm going to take two weeks off here and get ready to go for the long six-week stretch and hopefully have some good momentum going into that.

Q. (Regarding first bogey.)
LAUREN COUGHLIN: I hit it right on 11 into the trees; I tried to keep it low under some trees and tried to get it close to the green and I hit the tree like dead center and kicked it -- and actually was fine because I had a good shot to the green.

I just barely missed a 15-footer to save par.

Q. When did you play here as a junior? All the time?
LAUREN COUGHLIN: Not all the time, but, I mean, I played here -- they had an AJGA event here I think summer before my senior year. I think. You'll have to double check that, but I think it was the summer before my senior year of high school.

Actually, Brian Bailey, our assistant coach, watched me on the first nine and I shot 40, and then he left and I shot 30 on the back nine. Of course when he wasn't there.

But he said he saw enough when I shot 40. I'm like, You missed it.

Q. This was the UVA assistant...
LAUREN COUGHLIN: Yeah. He was my assistant coach my first three years.

Q. Okay. Is it special to play here as a pro and have your husband -- I mean, that's got to be pretty special for you.
LAUREN COUGHLIN: Yeah, no, definitely. It's nice because we have like a two-hour drive home after this. I'll be home by 7:00 and be sleeping in my bed. Yeah, no, it's really nice.

I had a bunch of people from -- like, John's mom, my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law came out because they live in Richmond. And then some people from the club that I grew up playing at in Chesapeake came up and watched.

So, yeah, I still had a good amount of people who came, which was really cool. My parents couldn't make it, but I at least had some people.

Q. Have you thought about your share of the cut and how big it may be this week? Share of the purse, I mean.
LAUREN COUGHLIN: What place am I? Probably like 50th, now.

Q. Somewhere around there.
LAUREN COUGHLIN: Yeah, I'll probably make four or five, something like that.

Q. It'll help.
LAUREN COUGHLIN: I'll be able to pay my credit card bill. (Laughter.)

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