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Sunday May 20, 2018

Megan Khang

Quick Quotes

Q. Example of how quickly golf can turn, how things can turn?
MEGAN KHANG: Oh, definitely. Golf is a game similar to life. Take what you can get and make the best of the situation; sometimes it bites you in the bum.

I mean, overall it's a good week. I'm happy I got to play with Ariya. Ariya and I were battling out there. She hit some great shots. I knew coming into this threesome I was going to be hitting first the majority of the time. Angel and Ariya are both super long compared to me, and I don't think I'm that short of a hitter.

Overall, I mean, good week. Kurt and I had a lot of nice chats this week. It was a lot of fun. I love coming back here.

Q. Key takeaways from the week?
MEGAN KHANG: Key takeaway is definitely that I can play well for three consecutive days; hopefully it'll be four next time.

But, I mean, with the rain they did such an amazing job of getting this course tournament ready. With the amount of rain that Mother Nature has been putting on them day after day, I think they deserve like a week off just doing nothing.

The amount of effort and time they putt into this golf course made it very playable for us. It's definitely much appreciated, and I don't think they're told that enough from us.

Q. You seem pretty relaxed out there. Joking around a little bit.
MEGAN KHANG: That's just my personality. I'm a laid back person I like to think. I got a little frustrated with the putter towards the end of the round.

I mean, when it comes down to it, last few holes, that's when it starts to get in the nits and grits. I think pressure just kind of starts getting to me.

Definitely going to learn from that and definitely going to try to calm myself out even more -- even though I looked pretty calm out there.

Overall, I'm proud of myself and proud of what Kurt and I did. Definitely the time spent at home with my dad and I working on the swing definitely paid off a little, so looking forward to next week.

Q. Is your dad here?
MEGAN KHANG: My dad is not here. I'm traveling on my own as of right now. They'll be out at the Open. Both of them will actually be out.

Q. You've gone over your story many times, but do you ever get tired of talking about that?
MEGAN KHANG: No, I don't really get tired of it because it's my parents -- my parents really grew up around that. Looking back, I would not be here today if it weren't for the family coming over.

It's just kind of crazy how my life is so different from how they would've grown up back in Laos. I'm super grateful to grow up in the U.S. it's a great country and I love it. 'Merica.

Q. Seem like you're pretty confident in your game right now. Where does that stem from?
MEGAN KHANG: Definitely just coming back home and just kind of playing with my dad. He sends me texts saying, Hey, proud of you; just go play golf; you can do this; it's just a regular day of golf; no need to treat it any other way.

I think that's kind of sat with me better this year. Knowing it's my third year out here, I'm definitely a lot more experienced, especially coming back to golf courses I've played a little before.

Kingsmill has a special place in my heart and I love coming back here. It's the first LPGA event I played as an amateur because I Monday qualified. I just love coming back here.

This place suits my game well, and hopefully one year I'll get a win on this course.

Q. Is it good, bad, indifferent to have your dad as a coach?
MEGAN KHANG: There is good and bad to everything. It's mostly good because my dad knows me best. When he does come travel with me it's so much easier to find what's going wayward if I am hitting it off that day.

So I can get that quick fix. I don't have to fly out another person and have to deal with that kind of situation.

My dad and I have a really great relationship. Once we're off the golf course it's just really not a lot of golf talk. Still working on that a little, but I'm going to lie and say that.

But, I mean, I definitely think it's more positives than negatives to have my dad as my coach. It's good that he's not traveling as much with me so I can start to learn myself my game on my own.

I mean, I love when they come out, so it's good and bad. I'm liking this independence right now.

Q. Are you 19, 20?

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