Kingsmill Championship Presented by JTBC

Thursday May 19, 2016

Tiffany Joh

Quick Quotes

Q. Nice round.
TIFFANY JOH: Thank you.

Q. Bogey-free, right?

Q. How tough were conditions out there?
TIFFANY JOH: It wasn't -- I think -- I don't think the conditions themselves are that difficult. I think the course is just playing a little longer because it's so wet. Like some of the pin positions were really tricky, but I don't think -- like it's not really windy out there. It hasn't started raining yet.

Q. We looked at the record here. You haven't had a great record here. What were your expectations coming into the week?
TIFFANY JOH: Yeah, I was actually talking to my host dad yesterday because I stay off of like hole 7 or something here on the course, and with the big stretch coming up, this was probably going to be the one I was going to take off just because I've never played well here, but honestly, I was like, yeah, but every year I go there and my host gets me this banana bread that's really good. That was honestly the deciding factor.

Q. The banana bread?
TIFFANY JOH: It was the banana bread, and this year they gave me three loaves. Regardless of what happened today, it was a win.

Q. So it's the power of the banana bread this week?
TIFFANY JOH: Pretty much.

Q. What's the name of your host family?
TIFFANY JOH: Armstrongs.

Q. You birdied 7, 9 and 10?
TIFFANY JOH: Oh, I don't know. Yeah, that sounds right. 7, 9, 10. Wow.

Q. Can you describe those holes?
TIFFANY JOH: I can. No. 7 was a par-5. I just laid up, hit it to like nine week from like 34 yards, and made that.

On No. 9 I had a pretty short club in. I think I had like a wedge in and hit it to eight feet.

All of my birdies were inside 10 feet. I didn't really make any putts. I've always struggled to read these greens, and today was no exception. I just felt like I hit it really well, so I got away with not making as many putts.

Q. Your past results here notwithstanding, you did have a tie for 11th earlier this season. Do you feel more confident than you have in a while?
TIFFANY JOH: Yeah. I think I feel a lot better about my ball-striking this year than I have. I started doing some yoga in the off-season, so I feel like I gained like at least two and a half yards.

Q. Such a huge difference, right?
TIFFANY JOH: Maybe three. We can round up.

Q. What time did you have to get up today?
TIFFANY JOH: Yeah, like I usually wake up at 5:00 regardless because I like to do a little dawn patrol surf session. Here not so much. The beach is kind of far away, and I check the waves anyway and it's flat, so I can't do that. But yeah, I'm typically a morning person. I'm kind of an all-the-time person; let's be honest.

Q. I saw the surfboard.
TIFFANY JOH: Yeah, I was just like paddling and trying to get over a set wave, and if it's going to break on you, you do a turtle roll so you flip over and let it break like over you.

Q. Yeah, of course you do.
TIFFANY JOH: And it must have just hit like perfectly.

Q. When did that happen?
TIFFANY JOH: Maybe six days ago, five days ago. But it's okay, I have like two other boards, so it's fine.

Q. And it looked like a pretty enjoyable, friendly group today; you guys were yukking it up walking up 18.
TIFFANY JOH: Yukking it up, yes, that's exactly how it was. Well, I've never played with them before, so I guess SooBin and Grace are like best friends, so it was funny because there were a couple times they were walking down the cart path with their hand over each other's shoulder and I totally felt like the third wheel. At one point I think I just kind of scooted in between them, like did anyone ask for a little Joh Rio filling?

Q. What worked today that hopefully you're going to keep going?
TIFFANY JOH: Pretty much just ball-striking, which is funny because I honestly did not even take my clubs out of the travel cover last week. Like there was a peanut butter sandwich in there from like the second round of Prattville in there.

Q. What color was the bread?
TIFFANY JOH: I mean, it was still brown.

Q. Was it really?
TIFFANY JOH: It was very brown.

Q. Different shade brown?
TIFFANY JOH: Yeah, it was not like a delicious brown, not that there's a delicious. I don't know where I was going with that. So sorry.

Q. So ball-striking?

Q. Now, would any Tiffany Joh interview be complete without a question about when your next video is?
TIFFANY JOH: I don't know. I feel like nowadays, though, it's all about like the 14-second Instagram video. No one has the attention span to watch an entire two-minute YouTube clip. I did a little hard core video in the physio trailer. Did you see that?

Q. I did see that. That was like a jungle gym type thing?
TIFFANY JOH: Well, do you ever watch "The Office"?

Q. Yes.
TIFFANY JOH: There's one episode where they're like, "Hardcore Parkour," where they're like leap-frogging over each other and then Dwight goes over to the refrigerator and opens it and closes it.

Q. So that was you and the physio?

Q. That was your warm-up?
TIFFANY JOH: Athleticism right there. I was moving so slow, too.

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