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Thursday May 19, 2016

Laetitia Beck

Quick Quotes

Q. Assess your day. Assess your round.
LAETITIA BECK: Well, 4-under, the end was a little rough, but overall I hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens. Two par-5s I eagled, which obviously helps a lot. I chipped in on the last par-5, and on the front, two good bounces. Missed some putts, but made some good putts, as well.

Q. How do you think this course suits your game?
LAETITIA BECK: This course? I don't really think it suits my game as well as other courses. You really have to hit it straight off the tee. I'm a longer hitter, and I tend to not hit as many fairways and others, and here the rough is super thick, so that's why I think today, because I hit a lot of fairways and with the length, I was able to shoot a good score.

Q. At one point you had a share of the lead. I mean, are you feeling good going into Friday?
LAETITIA BECK: At one point I was leading.

Q. Oh, yeah, you were.
LAETITIA BECK: But again, for me it's my second year. I'm just gaining experience. Obviously I become super nervous when I see that I'm leading, but it's part of the process, and it's only going to make me better for the future. So I enjoy seeing myself leading, and it's the only way for me to practice pressure, so that's why I really am -- even though I didn't finish so well today, just another opportunity to get better and learn from it.

Q. That was my other question. Do you scoreboard watch? I guess you do.
LAETITIA BECK: I do. I probably shouldn't. Or I should work on that. But again, it's just part of the learning experience and just being able to be in this position, and for me, it's really exciting, and I'm glad that I can see myself up there.

Q. Was it after 15 that you saw you were leading?
LAETITIA BECK: After 16 -- yeah, I knew I was close, but then when I chipped in for eagle and I was 6-under, yeah, then I knew I was one shot ahead of Brittany. I think I was looking most of the round at scores, but there, yeah, I knew I had the lead.

Q. And you bogeyed the next two holes?
LAETITIA BECK: I bogeyed, yes, missed a shot on 16 on the green, but I left myself a really hard putt, three-putted that.

The next hole, 17, again, I hit a decent shot, but I missed it the wrong side of the green.

Q. As a second-year player, what does it mean to be in contention this early?
LAETITIA BECK: Just -- I know I have the talent of the game, it's just all in my head and just being able to -- being in this position under pressure, and that's the only way for me to learn, so I am glad that I get the opportunity more than once to have the lead.

Q. Pretty important for you to make that par putt at the end?
LAETITIA BECK: Yes. Even on 17 I was disappointed that I missed the putt. But I mean, it's a learning experience, and for sure that's why I'm I think smiling more, making the putt. If I had missed it, it would have left a little bitter taste. But yeah, I'm glad I made that one.

Q. Are you accustomed to all this media attention? It's probably not something you've got to do --
LAETITIA BECK: Well, being the only Israeli, I do have some more interviews, so yeah, I'm fine.

Q. You're getting more comfortable with it?
LAETITIA BECK: Yeah, for sure.

Q. Coming into this week, and you said it's not a course that you necessarily -- did you play here last year?
LAETITIA BECK: Yes, and I struggled.

Q. Did you miss the cut?

Q. Coming into the week with no expectations or you thought, this course doesn't suit my game, do you think sometimes that helps than if you come in thinking, all right, I should be playing well here?
LAETITIA BECK: I don't think it is helping. Even yesterday I was struggling a little bit on the range. This morning I didn't feel comfortable the first few shots. It shows that you don't need to hit it well to score. You just have to be consistent, and today I guess I was consistent other than towards the end. But I wasn't feeling great. I don't think it's a good thing not to feel great. I don't think it helped me today. But that's just the game of golf.

Q. What did you do in the off week, the off week last week?
LAETITIA BECK: I was in Tennessee. I was practicing.

Q. Where do you practice out of now?
LAETITIA BECK: Well, my home course is Miami, but I sometimes go to Memphis, Tennessee, and practice there, and it was close to Alabama, so I just drove.

Q. Is your coach there?
LAETITIA BECK: I have a great practice facility there that I practice, and the community there is -- I love the community there, as well.

Q. To follow up on the question about 18 there at the end, after the two bogeys, did you feel a little bit or did you put a little bit of pressure on yourself maybe that you needed to finish strong there?
LAETITIA BECK: I think there's always the pressure when you're doing really well and especially leading that you want to keep it up, and I don't know if I -- I think I always put the same pressure because I'm not used to the position, and just overall kind of leading on the LPGA.

Yes, I think probably I put pressure just to finish well, and again, today I didn't feel that comfortable with my game and my swing, so then towards the end I'm sure with the stress, it goes a little -- the misses are going to be a little bigger, which the misses were not big, but I just was not able to -- I think I struggle more on the greens when I'm nervous, and I wasn't able to save the pars, and the putts were not very long. That was just two short putts that I missed.

Q. I would imagine going to 18 when you did, having gone from 6 to 4, did you feel the pressure there, I really need to avoid another?
LAETITIA BECK: Probably, yeah. I had a bad drive, and I kind of felt like, oh, again, another bogey. But just tried to kind of stay in the moment and just hit one shot at a time.

Q. How much of a source of pride is it for you to represent Israel?
LAETITIA BECK: I think it's like the one main reason why I do what I do. For me being from Belgium, moving to Israel and just playing, for me it's a dream come true just being able to represent my country and my people at like the highest level.

Q. Is this a good luck charm here?
LAETITIA BECK: No, it's a star of David. It's just to show everyone where I come from. My good luck.

Q. Was that the first time you ever led a tournament down here?
LAETITIA BECK: In Virginia? Well, about like two weeks ago was the first time. And I also know last year a couple times I was doing really well after nine holes, so I did have some times that I was in really good position. But yeah, two weeks ago was the first time that I led after a round of golf. Obviously I'm not leading now, but I was close, and it kind of reminded me, and it was a really positive thing to see now that I was able to be close to leading again.

Q. Who do you talk to about overcoming that and dealing with that?
LAETITIA BECK: My coaches, yeah, and then I have a lot of support from people that try to help, as well. Golf is just about -- I have a lot of support, and they really try to help as much as they can, psychologists, mentors.

Q. Any of your Duke family make the trip this week?
LAETITIA BECK: Duke family? Yeah, but now they're playing at NCAAs, so not the players. The players are playing tomorrow.

Q. Where are they playing this week?

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