Kingsmill Championship Presented by JTBC

Thursday May 19, 2016

Minjee Lee

Quick Quotes

Q. How did you feel out there?
MINJEE LEE: Well, I thought I was pretty steady. I started off pretty well, made four birdies on the front nine, and then two on the back, and bogeyed the last. Overall pretty solid, just -- yeah, pretty solid.

Q. How was the course in general, just having to deal with the conditions and stuff?
MINJEE LEE: Well, it was much more wet than last year. When I played my practice rounds, I kind of adjusted to how far the ball is going and just adjusted to how much longer clubs we hit into the holes. Yeah, just a little longer clubs, and yeah, it's just a little softer.

Q. I'd say that's about as solid of a start as you could hope for in terms of a title defense.
MINJEE LEE: Yeah, I mean, I feel pretty comfortable here and I really love the layout of the golf course. Yeah, I'm happy to start on a good note.

Q. Did you feel any different this morning when they announced you as the defending champion, any nerves or anything different than a normal week?
MINJEE LEE: I mean, not really. I felt pretty calm the whole week, but just on the tee I felt a little nerves and more excitement that they said that I was the defending champion, so that was pretty cool, and it's nice to hear that.

Q. Is there more pressure? Do you feel more pressure being the defending champion?
MINJEE LEE: Not really. I mean, I'm here to play my own game, and I'm trying to hit the best shots that I can out there one shot at a time. No, I just try not to think about it and just try not to put external pressure on myself.

Q. Your putt for birdie there on 18 -- not your putt, your chip your birdie, did you think it was going in for a while there?
MINJEE LEE: Well, it lipped out, so I gave it a shot.

Q. What about the birdie putt on 17? It seemed like that was in the hole the whole way.
MINJEE LEE: Yeah, and I think I was tracking the whole way. I didn't think it was going to leave the hole. No, I hit a really solid putt, and it went in the center, so happy with that.

Q. How long was that?
MINJEE LEE: Like 20 feet.

Q. Coming back here for the first time in your career as the defending champion, what have you noticed in terms of how people have treated you?
MINJEE LEE: Oh, the people here are great. They're always very welcoming, and they're always really nice. It's good to be back.

Q. Do more of them know who you are?
MINJEE LEE: I'd say so, yeah.

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