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Thursday May 19, 2016

Gerina Piller

Quick Quotes

Q. It looked like the afternoon wave had some lower scores. Conditions-wise what were you seeing?
GERINA PILLER: The only thing I can guess is that it was a little warmer. The course is playing longer than normal. Your drives are hitting and stopping. You're not getting much roll out of your driver. Definitely playing longer, and I'm sure it played extra long this morning with it being so cold.

Q. Seems like that group was sort of the class of the field right now; you post 4-under; Minjee is 5, she was 6 at one point; Cristie at one point was 5. What kind of a battle was that out there today?
GERINA PILLER: You know, for me I really try not to pay any attention to what my competitors are doing that are in my group. My one job out there is to make birdies, and I can't control what they're doing. You know, they did birdie the first hole, and I parred the first hole, and I bogeyed the second hole, and I was 1-over and they were 1-under and even. It's easy to start playing against the people in your group, but you know, I know that I'm playing great, and I've just got to stay patient, and I know that there's some birdies out there, especially with the course being soft and the greens being soft.

Q. I know week to week we keep talking about your confidence. You're just playing so consistently well. Coming into this stretch for the 11 straight weeks or however many you're going to play, how important was it to come out to this week and get started on that stretch, on a strong note?
GERINA PILLER: Absolutely. It's always good to start strong. We're about to play a lot of golf, and for me, I'm just trying to make it very simple, get lots of rest, and you know, just keep reminding myself that I'm playing well, and I don't need to be out there 24/7 practicing, practice rounds, stuff like that. Energy right now is top of my priority and rest.

Q. And you said keeping the energy?

Q. Family time during the off week? I feel like I saw you at baseball games and --
GERINA PILLER: Yeah, the last week, yeah, I was home, and my little brother played in the New Mexico State championship game for baseball. They did not win, but it was great. I flew out to Albuquerque for the day just to watch that, and it's always great to be with my family, and it just kind of -- it's relaxing to me. It gets me away from golf and kind of recharge my batteries, and my off weeks I like to take a lot of time off and maybe not -- I think I played once or twice last week, and it's just more of not so much -- for me it's more like I want to be excited to get back out there, and I don't want it to be like -- I don't want my job to ever feel like a job, and I came into this week excited to play again and get going.

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