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Thursday May 19, 2016

Mika Miyazato

Quick Quotes

MIKA MIYAZATO: Seven birdies I made and 23 putts. So happy right now.

Q. How is the course playing?
MIKA MIYAZATO: Course conditions is pretty wet, and last two days, so much rain, so that's why so much wet. But I tried to be more aggressive, the golf, so that's why maybe played very well today.

Q. Did you feel comfortable out there? It looked like you did.
MIKA MIYAZATO: That's why I enjoy golf today.

Q. You weren't feeling well yesterday, were you? Were you sick yesterday?
MIKA MIYAZATO: A little bit.

Q. Sore throat?

Q. Are you feeling better today?
MIKA MIYAZATO: Yeah, better, yes.

Q. Did it affect you out there on the golf course?

Q. You made four consecutive birdies on the front --
MIKA MIYAZATO: Yeah, front nine, yeah.

Q. What was working, putting?
MIKA MIYAZATO: Like more focused on one shot at a time. I talked to -- I spoke last night with my mental coach, so like the last three months, four months, it's not enjoy golf, so I tried to I enjoy golf this week, and he said, one shot at a game, more detail, so I tried more detail today, so that's why it works good.

Q. How will you feel about going into tomorrow with the lead?
MIKA MIYAZATO: Very excited, because it's tough right now, but last couple months not so much felt, so I just want to keep my -- how do you say? Try to be more aggressive the next day.

Q. You had a top-10 finish here several years back, but I don't think you've played here the last three years.
MIKA MIYAZATO: Yeah, three, four years.

Q. Did it just not fit your schedule?
MIKA MIYAZATO: Schedule, yeah.

Q. Do you remember the last time you led a tournament at the end of the day?
MIKA MIYAZATO: Last tournament?

Q. Last time you were in the lead at a tournament?
MIKA MIYAZATO: I don't know.

Q. Team Japan going into UL International Crown looks pretty good. Do you feel like you're playing really well right now?
MIKA MIYAZATO: Right now is very well, yes.

Q. Do you feel good about their chances, about a potential win at UL International Crown?
MIKA MIYAZATO: I can't say, but it's a team competition, so it's pretty difficult.

Q. But you have good players.

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