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Friday May 20, 2016

Amy Yang

Quick Quotes

Q. Another solid day. What was the same as yesterday, what was different?
AMY YANG: I was hitting better than yesterday, more solid at impact, making more solid putts, and made some, too. I left a couple of good chances out there, but looking forward to playing on the weekend. I've been working with my coach on my swing and feeling good about it.

Q. Who are you working with now?
AMY YANG: Tony Ziegler.

Q. You've been having some great finishes recently.

Q. What's been going well and what also has maybe been holding you back from getting a win?
AMY YANG: It seems consistent, consistently -- it's getting better, getting better, and I've been playing consistent. You know, just need to make some important putts that I need to make out there. Just that, I think.

Q. Just the putting?
AMY YANG: Yeah, yeah.

Q. I guess it gives you a little bit more confidence knowing it's a couple of putts and you're there.
AMY YANG: Yeah, a couple of putts, not to think so much. Don't give myself too much pressure about it. But I'm feeling good, working hard, and I think it's going well.

Q. What did you do last week on the off week? Did you go back home?
AMY YANG: Yeah, I was training with my coach in Florida, and not much about it.

Q. Is he based in Orlando?
AMY YANG: Yes, he is.

Q. So much of this game is confidence; as you mentioned, you've played really well recently. Does that help you coming in? Were you pretty confident coming here?
AMY YANG: Yeah, yeah. Like I said before, I've been working on my swing with my coach, and it's been getting more consistent. I've had some good finishes, so I'm really looking forward to playing on the weekend.

Q. How many years have you played here before? Quite a few?
AMY YANG: Yeah. I don't know how many.

Q. You felt good coming into playing this venue specifically?
AMY YANG: Well, this is my first time playing well, this week.

Q. I think that's happened to a couple people, people that usually don't play well here. Has it been playing differently do you think?
AMY YANG: I don't know.

Q. We'll give you the credit.

Q. The forecast tomorrow is for a lot of rain --
AMY YANG: I heard that. I heard that. But we can't really predict 100 percent it will rain, so I should be prepared for the third round.

Q. Should it rain and get wet, how will that impact the course and how will that impact your approach?
AMY YANG: I mean, it will be a lot softer out there. It's already soft from the rain earlier this week, but the greens are really nice, and they're grabbing so nice. It shouldn't affect too much.

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