Kingsmill Championship Presented by JTBC

Saturday May 21, 2016

Pornanong Phatlum

Quick Quotes

Q. A great round today. Start us off about conditions. How wet was it? How much different was the course playing?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: It was pretty wet today. I think the greens were more soft because of the rain, so it made me like -- can approach, stop --

Q. Stop on your target?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Yeah, distance control is better.

Q. How much adjustment was that for the speed of the greens? I know everybody said this week they were so fast.

Q. Was it that big of an adjustment?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: No, not much, but I think it's good, good speed.

Q. What's been going on this week with your game? What's been working? What's been good?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: This week I tried to like focus on my swing and concentrate on putting, so make me more confident and don't think about the result, just play my game.

Q. I want to ask you about Ariya's win. How happy were you for her, and how much of an inspiration was that for you to think, all right, Thai girls are here, let's go? How much of an inspiration was that?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Well, very happy, and for Thailand, too. They're very proud of her. Yeah, to get the first victory for Thailand, yeah, very big.

Q. You're still looking for your first win, correct?

Q. What do you think it is that's going to allow you to break through?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Well, there's a lot of good competitors out here, and of course everybody is here to win. I only focused on my game, and some of the week it just came all together, and when that happens, hopefully it's going to come soon. Right now I have confidence, so that's what I've been working on.

Q. You've been in contention a couple times recently and last year. Do you feel comfortable going into tomorrow? Are you excited or nervous?
PORNANONG PHATLUM: Maybe tomorrow going to be a bit nervous, but right now just try to be relaxed and get ready for tomorrow.

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