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Sunday May 22, 2016

Su Oh

Quick Quotes

Q. I'm here with a very happy Su. It is a fantastic round of golf, 65 today. Did you have an inkling when you started off today that this was possible?
SU OH: Yeah, well, I was not really -- I was about three back, and I knew I had to get off to a really good start, and I did. So yeah, it was just one shot at a time. In the middle I had a little bit of a flat with not too many birdies, but then I got it back going on the last five holes. It was good, but all of us in our group had it going, so it was good company.

Q. You have conditional status on the LPGA after the qualifying school. You've got to be pretty pumped that this might give you full status?
SU OH: Yeah, it's unbelievable. Like at stage 2 I had a putt just to make stage 3, and after that, I'm like, I'm not even -- it's pretty much just lucky to be here, and then I didn't -- at the start of the year, I wasn't even in this field, so to be here and contending is really good, and I'm very happy to be here.

Q. Well, Ariya right now only has a one-shot lead, so if I were you, I'd stick around and see what happens because you could very well be in a playoff.
SU OH: Yeah, we'll see what happens.

Q. A round like that with an early starting time in the conditions that we had, can you be any more pleased with how you played today?
SU OH: Yeah, you can always be a little more pleased, but yeah, I'm very happy with how it went today. I got off to a really good start, which was nice, and just kept it going until the end. Just one shot back at the moment and we'll see what happens.

Q. Do you scoreboard watch?
SU OH: I tried not to, but I just looked at it two holes. Yeah, that's about it. But I kind of had a gist of what I needed to shoot or what I wanted to shoot. Yeah, I didn't really pay too much attention.

Q. How did the round match up with your expectations of what you thought you wanted to do and what you might be able to do?
SU OH: It was more like in the moment. It wasn't like at the start of the day I wanted to go out and 6-under. It was just like, all right, give myself lots of opportunities, and on the last five holes I wanted to make about two or three more birdies just coming in. That's just what I felt like. Yeah, I wasn't really scoreboard watching, but that's just how I felt.

Q. So when you putted at 18, you didn't know how badly you needed that birdie?
SU OH: I kind of knew, but standing over it, I didn't think about it. Well, because I pulled the second shot a little bit to be honest, and then it just -- it got a little bit lucky and was just on the fringe. So yeah, I knew I had to hole it, but standing over it I didn't really think about that.

Q. What was it, about 25 feet?
SU OH: Yeah, just about.

Q. Have you ever been in a playoff?
SU OH: I think I have. Yes, I have, but not in a professional event.

Q. You mentioned Crown.
SU OH: Yes.

Q. How much are you thinking about it week to week, looking at the rankings?
SU OH: Constantly. Well, not -- yeah, because --

Q. You're keeping it close?
SU OH: Yeah, the KPMG, that's what it all starts. That's when the cutoff is, but then that's the cutoff for the next reshuffle, so there's this week, next week, and then there's ShopRite and KPMG. At the start of the year, I was like, I'll probably get in two or three events, but now I'm trying to see what to do just going off my ranking. But International Crown, I really want to play it.

Q. Have you talked to Minjee about it and did you watch the last one? How much do you know about it?
SU OH: Yeah, we talk, and yeah, I was speaking to Karrie, and she's already huge about it, and I just want to play a teams event with her before -- I don't know when she'll retire, but it would be pretty cool to play with her. It's on my list.

Q. It's on the radar?
SU OH: For sure.

Q. How much does a round like this, seeing your name in contention rookie year, do for confidence going into the summer stretch that has a lot of big events coming up?
SU OH: Yeah, a lot of confidence. Like I said, I had conditional, just if I can -- so that's why I keep having to do like one day at a time because I can't look ahead. Like I booked my flights next week like two days ago, so I just can't book anything in advance. But in a good way, then, I can only look at the next day or just this week, and I just have to play well and the opportunities that I get.

Q. What do you do now, go and watch the rest of this?
SU OH: I need to go to the bathroom, and then I'll just hang out. She only has like one or two holes left.

Q. (Inaudible.)
SU OH: Yeah, I hit a good shot into 7 that went on the green, and yeah, I just hit a few good shots that were close, and I holed them. I can't really remember the holes, though.

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