The Memorial Tournament Presented By Nationwide

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Dublin, Ohio, USA

Muirfield Village

Ryan Palmer

Quick Quotes

Q. What did you do after you missed the cut? Did you go home?

RYAN PALMER: Yeah. Yeah, it was a last-minute decision. I had to come tap in after the rain delay with a wedge and then got on a flight and went home. James mentioned we've got to find something different, and he mentioned getting the old putter that I've used forever. Left it at home, found it in the garage, and then I went and saw Randy Smith on Saturday and we found a big flaw in my takeaway. So we got that cleaned up, and nice to see Jennifer and the kids, which was awesome, so we came back Sunday and got back to work on Monday with it, on the swing, taking videos. I was seeing Randy just to make sure and then working on my short putting, and then I called Steve Stricker wanting to play nine holes with him and I wanted his advice on my short game, and we played nine on Wednesday with Jordan, and he showed me some things that I was doing wrong and what he does, what he concentrates on, and I put the work into it last night and came out here today, and I think I was nine for nine somebody said scrambling. Yeah, that was a good text I sent to Strick.

Q. What was the putter? When did you first put it in play and why did you take it out of play?

RYAN PALMER: I started using that head, Rossie II, back in college, and it just stayed with me through my mini-tour days, my first year in '03 on the now Korn Ferry TOUR and then throughout my career. I took it out of play I want to say '15 or '16 is when I went to a different style putter, and just made a switch. This one was kind of wore out, and I thought -- Dave made the point; I said, sure, I'll go get it, can't get any worse, and right away I got the feel back with my arms the way it swings, and today was a great day.

Q. How much different was the course today than it was last Thursday?

RYAN PALMER: Oh, it's night and day. The greens, they're two, three feet faster for sure, firmer. The shot I hit on 16 today, where it ended up going was crazy, the way it hit the green with these winds and the way the fairways are running. So I knew it wasn't a course you had to just go out and just light up, and I enjoy these kind of courses when you've got to grind your way around the golf course, and I had some good grinding golf on my front nine and then played great on the back nine -- well, the front nine here but my back nine. Just stayed patient and I knew it was tough, and good day with no bogeys.

Q. They're going to start a big redesign on Monday. Do you get that feeling when you're going around the golf course that they're going to let it play out?

RYAN PALMER: Yeah, and I talked to a couple rules officials and they're going to be cautious with it, but yeah, they're going to push it to the brink, which most places would normally when that's going to happen. I don't know if there's any rain coming, but they'll have to keep an eye on them just to be sure, but it's going to get tougher and tougher, there's no doubt. You can't win it on the first round but you can sure put yourself in a good position, so I'm excited where I'm at. I think no wind tomorrow, softer greens, should be a great morning.

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