The Memorial Tournament Presented By Nationwide

Friday, July 17, 2020

Dublin, Ohio, USA

Muirfield Village

Mackenzie Hughes

Quick Quotes

Q. Obviously a really good day. Just what was it about today? What did you find that got you to where you are?

MACKENZIE HUGHES: You know, coming off yesterday afternoon, I figured that today would feel a lot easier. Yesterday afternoon was really, really tough. Hard to make many birdies. This morning came out, almost no wind, greens were perfect, so you kind of felt like you could shoot a score if you were hitting it in the fairway, and yeah, I hit it pretty nicely today, and then I obviously rolled in some nice putts.

Q. You played last week, right?


Q. How different does it feel this week, or did today feel a little more like last week?

MACKENZIE HUGHES: Today was closer but still like -- still a far different golf course. The firmness of the greens is night and day. Last week you were concerned with maybe over-spinning some shots into the greens, some wedge shots. Now you're really concerned about where you're pitching that ball, how big that first bounce is going to be. I love it because it makes you really think about that sort of stuff, and being in the fairway is a big premium. But it is a far different golf course.

Q. Since Honda and with the good finish there, the way you've played, has it been more technical change or more confidence change?

MACKENZIE HUGHES: Yeah, I would say more kind of mindset and a little bit of technique mixed in, but mostly mindset. And obviously the Honda weekend gave me a boost, and then from there I've been able to kind of, I guess, springboard that into some better play. But the technique itself, I'm working on that, but I would say mostly it's mindset, and obviously trying to get better but thinking a little better too.

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