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Friday, July 17, 2020

Dublin, Ohio, USA

Muirfield Village

Ryan Palmer

Quick Quotes

Q. Ryan, how would you assess your round today?

RYAN PALMER: Honestly, mentally better than yesterday. Yesterday was such a good run in that wind, no bogeys, 5-under, but the hardest part was coming out and backing it up, I think. A little sluggish start to get going, but calmed down, and I think I hit my last 12, 13 greens and I putted great. Yeah, really good day.

Everything about my game was on point, I think. Now we're just fitting to get in contention like it is now and just getting it go.

Q. Last week was set up a little easier. You struggled, obviously went back for a quick trip back home, come back out this week, tougher setup, you're 9-under through two rounds. Just a mental change for you?

RYAN PALMER: You know, my game wasn't bad I didn't think. It's been pretty good so far this year, just one little small flaw in my backswing. Went home, we found it with Randy Smith and started hitting the ball as well as I have been, and of course bringing the old putter back out. The short game lesson with Stricker for sure, and I put in the work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and it was a matter of putting it to the test Thursday. That was probably the pressure I had the most was is it going to work, what I've been working on. The short game has been there, the putter has been really good, and I'm hitting it like I have been all year long. For me the hard part is over in my mind, and now we're just letting it go on the weekend, and I really feel I have a chance come Sunday.

Q. What was the biggest thing -- you talked about Steve, about your short game, and the biggest difference with the old putter back in the bag.

RYAN PALMER: You know, I've struggled out of bunkers and getting control of the spin and even my chipping, and he just showed me a few things he concentrates on and watched how I was attacking the shots in the bunker, and he talked about some things, he helps Tiger Woods every once in a while, with what they talk about. I just kind of said, I'm going to try it and see what happens. It's some funny feelings, what I'm doing with it, but it makes a whole lot of sense when I pull it off.

Yeah, I just trusted what I felt, and it's been really good.

Q. With the putter, is it just maybe a seeing thing, maybe a different look?

RYAN PALMER: The feel, the weight of it, the way it swings. It's coming off the way it's coming off. It's something I used for 15 years on TOUR. Just a great feeling coming back. But it's good.

Q. Any coincidence that you and your Zurich partner are both playing well this week?

RYAN PALMER: Yeah, well, I hope we keep our games going. We'll look forward to it next year for sure, but it's always great seeing him play well for sure.

Q. In the last couple years you've put yourself in position going into the weekend going into the final round but you haven't gotten it done. What's your take from some of those experiences in the last couple years and bringing it to this weekend to hopefully get over that hump?

RYAN PALMER: Just being there, keep doing what I'm doing. For me it'll be making putts on Sunday when it matters the most. Hilton Head I shot a couple under but just didn't make the putts. That will be the main thing, just making sure I'm there come Sunday, and hopefully the hole opens up a little more than in the past. But we'll be there hopefully.

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