The Memorial Tournament Presented By Nationwide

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Dublin, Ohio, USA

Muirfield Village

Harris English

Quick Quotes

Q. Can you just talk about what it was like? Have you ever played in onesome before and what was it like being in the middle of the field?

HARRIS ENGLISH: I was trying to think about if I have before. I'm not sure if I'd barely made the cut or whatnot. I'd never played behind a twosome and in front of a twosome as a onesome before. It was strange. I was trying to slow down as much as possible out there, and I still probably played in over 4 hours and 20 minutes as a onesome. The course was hard; gave me a little extra time to figure out. The wind was swirling a little bit. Obviously had some tough putts out here but took some extra time to read putts. It was okay. I did the best I could with the situation, and try it again tomorrow, get better at it.

Q. Have you ever talked to your caddie so much in one round?

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, it was fun. It would really suck if you didn't get along with your caddie very well or you were on bad terms. But we had a good time out there. You're right, you've got a lot of time to talk out there and tell stories.

Q. When was the last time you were tested?

HARRIS ENGLISH: I actually did it again this morning, had the oral swab test where they put it in the back of your throat, and it came back positive again. Keep trying to hydrate and do the best I can, and hopefully I'll get a negative test on Monday. I guess I'll probably do it Monday when I get to Minneapolis.

Q. What has it been like? Denny was in here earlier and called it lonely. Is it kind of lonely?

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, you kind of feel like an outcast a little bit on TOUR. I feel like that's what makes the TOUR so great. I have a lot of good friends out here, and to hang out in the clubhouse and to go out to eat and all that. You're kind of looked at as an outcast. Nobody really wants to get close to you or whatnot.

I mean, I understand it. This virus is still so new and I'm about three weeks out of a positive test in Detroit, so I feel like I've fully recovered. Really no -- other than fatigue out there -- I haven't played golf in a long time. Spent some days on the couch. The game was a little rusty but I feel like I'm fighting through it and in a pretty good spot to play this week.

Q. What are you going to do from here on?

HARRIS ENGLISH: I'm going to do the 3M next week and then I'm not in Memphis. I'm not going to go to Reno. I'm going to go to the PGA and hopefully get a spot in Wyndham and hopefully I'll play through Atlanta.

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