The Memorial Tournament Presented By Nationwide

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Dublin, Ohio, USA

Muirfield Village

Jon Rahm

Quick Quotes

Q. You touched on this yesterday, but how different was the feel today versus last year without the fans?

JON RAHM: I mean it's very different. You said the field or the feel?

Q. The fans. Sorry, fans.

JON RAHM: Oh, the fans. Yeah. Yeah, it's different. I mean, it's fun to have them out there and have the support, especially on a challenging golf course like this one. I feel like it was a pretty big adjustment to not having fans out there, especially if you're used to playing in feature groups and in groups that usually are going to carry some people. So you get used to sometimes feeding off the energy of the fans and maybe in a couple of down holes it can help you, like it did for me today. I didn't play 7, 8, 9 great after the stop, but when you have fans cheering you on, it's always a little bit easier to bring some positive energy.

It's what we had last year, so it's what we had to do to compete and then it's a little bit, it's nice to have them back, let's just say it that way. It's good to have fans back.

Q. Seems like the course is a little gettable. Is that because it was a little on the wet side --


Q. -- or because of the redesign?

JON RAHM: No, the redesign's made it at least one to two strokes harder, but when the greens are receptive like now and you can fire at every single pin -- you saw what Collin did. He probably left a couple putts out there, he was just firing on all cylinders. And when you're a good iron player you can take advantage of it.

I do think the redesign has made it a better golf course, but more difficult. I do think par-5s, 5 and 7 are way more difficult now than they were last year. 8 plays harder, a couple other holes are also playing a little bit harder simply because they're a little bit longer.

But it's only because it's soft. If we don't get any more rain, I know they're going to get a little bit firmer and faster, we'll see what this golf course can provide.

Q. What was the -- can you pick out one shot of your round that maybe was most memorable for you?

JON RAHM: I wouldn't say any of them was memorable. Let's just start with that. I had a really good stretch of holes from 11 to 18 and then the second nine I just didn't have my best stuff.

But memorable? I think the best one I think today I would say is the bunker shot on 5. I was quite short sided, not the best lie and I nipped it really, really well to be able to get an easy tap-in par.

Q. How about one you would like to have over?

JON RAHM: Well, probably say the tee shot on 1. I might have been a little bit too quick on the thought process on that hole and I thought I couldn't get to the bunker. I mean, you can see me pick up the tee on the replay and that ball flies in the center of the bunker, so clearly I had to go a little bit left or should have been aware that I could get it to that bunker.

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