The Memorial Tournament Presented By Nationwide

Friday, June 4, 2021

Dublin, Ohio, USA

Muirfield Village

Adam Scott

Quick Quotes

Q. After bad start at number 10 6-under par from there. What turned things around after that?

ADAM SCOTT: I think overall, I mean, I putted well. I mean, I hit a few good shots here and there. The game, swing-wise, doesn't feel amazing, but I think my putting's pretty solid and I took advantage of a couple of the good shots. So managed to hold it together. I would like to play a little better on the weekend though.

Q. You had a really good eagle putt there at 15, across the green. How challenging was that putt? I mean he that's a tough little hole location.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, especially the new greens, you know, just trying to get a feel for some of the slopes they're a little bit more subtle, I think, and those putts that you are used to seeing really run away from you and we're all trying to re-learn the greens a little bit, so any of those long ones that goes in is a real bonus. That was kind of fun there to make an eagle there and get me on the right track and I'm pleased that I kept that momentum going and got it in the house under par.

Q. Runner-up two years ago in 2019, you played this event a lot. You talked about the changes, the subtleness of the greens. As you looked at it, after a couple round and some time on the course practicing early in the week, do you like what Jack has done here?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, look, I love Muirfield Village and, you know, he's made some pretty significant changes on some holes and I think it's playing out nicely. New challenges for us to learn. But you would have to do something pretty horrific to mess this golf course up. It's really such a beautiful property and I love playing here all these years, I would love to win it one day.

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