The Memorial Tournament Presented By Workday

Friday, June 3, 2022

Dublin, Ohio, USA

Muirfield Village

Cameron Young

Quick Quotes

Q. Second round, put yourself in contention heading into the weekend. How is your game going?

CAMERON YOUNG: It feels pretty good. I feel like I played every bit as well today really as I did yesterday.

I just hit a couple of shots that didn't come down where I thought they would. And then I would sit here and say I missed everything, but I know I made a few like seven-, eight-footers, for par, especially.

So I feel like I had some nice chances and hit a lot of really good putts and just not quite as many went in as yesterday.

Q. Big difference this afternoon playing with the wind versus yesterday morning?

CAMERON YOUNG: Yeah, it's definitely windy. And it switched all day. From the very first tee, I think we were confused most of the day. It's hard to judge. There's big, tall trees, and it kind of swirls. So it's just another thing that makes this place very, very difficult, especially with the greens getting a little bit firmer this afternoon.

Q. Yesterday you mentioned driving was kind of the key to your game, keeping yourself in contention. Still happy with that?

CAMERON YOUNG: Yes, for the most part. Didn't drive it quite as well today. I hit a couple that I would have liked to try again. But yeah, I mean for the most part that's something that I can typically count on day in, day out.

Q. Been in the mix a lot, going into the weekend, what have been the takeaways of being toward this final group on the weekend?

CAMERON YOUNG: I think the more I put myself there, the more comfortable I'll be. Not that I'm uncomfortable, particularly, but I think the more it just becomes normal, the more likely you are to have a day where -- a Saturday or a Sunday where you can really post a really low number, which I haven't really done yet.

Granted, I feel I've been in contention on some hard courses. It's not places that you're necessarily going to shoot 64. But, I don't know, I think I've been around it quite a bit at this point. And a lot in a row. So I'm excited for tomorrow. I'm excited to see what I can do the next couple of days.

Q. Any number you have in mind tomorrow?

CAMERON YOUNG: No. Something very low. We'll see.

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