The Memorial Tournament Presented By Workday

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Dublin, Ohio, USA

Muirfield Village

Matt Wallace

Quick Quotes

Q. Great opening round today to start. Just thoughts on the day overall.

MATT WALLACE: Yeah, I played really nice today. Prep has been good this week. I have my coach Matt Belsham here. Things have been going well. I've been playing okay, just not scoring very well over the last few weeks. Today was a really, really good round. Probably one of the best rounds in the way I've hit it in a long time.

Q. You mentioned that you haven't seen the scores that you wanted to, but the game seems like it's been trending pretty well over the last month or two since your win. Do you feel like that's a proper assessment?

MATT WALLACE: I've probably not scheduled or planned a few things quite right. I probably played a bit too much and not had enough time to see my coaches. So it's learning from that. Learn from that and then move on and we'll see how it goes over the next couple weeks. But we'll do a better job and then hopefully the consistency will come. Too many missed cuts, that's basically it. Too many missed cuts for how I've been playing. Today showed that the game's there to go and compete.

Q. May in Ohio typically gets a little bit soggy. This course is playing pretty different than it usually does. How did it feel today?

MATT WALLACE: Well, if I see Jack I'll tell him those last three holes are playing brutally hard. So you don't need to make them any longer next year. 5-iron -- if it gets firm, that's relatively soft for playing in the morning -- you go 5-iron and then another 5-iron into 17, two great shots. Then, I mean, if it plays, if there's any more wind into 18 you might be blocked out by that tree on the right-hand side. So, yeah, keep it as it is, Jack, it's tough enough.

Q. Secondly, where do you believe you are in the process of being the player you want to be?

MATT WALLACE: Close. Not there. I'm waiting for that Tiger moment. That, "Hello world," one. That's what I -- I feel my game is there to be able to compete with the best, I just haven't done it and I haven't shown that. There's a lot of things, there's probably a few mental things and there's probably a few things that I need to control a little bit better that I'm trying and I've tried for a long time. But today was a really good step in that direction. But always building. Then it's just improving the game.

I was on the 17th green there and I felt, this is what Jon Rahm does, these types of days. It must feel really nice. And I was like, yeah, it feels really good. Because I was playing great. So he does it a lot more times than I do. So that's what I want to try and do. If I can keep doing that and -- and I know that I can win when I'm in position to win. So try and do that a little bit more.

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