The Memorial Tournament Presented By Workday

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Dublin, Ohio, USA

Muirfield Village

Patrick Rodgers

Quick Quotes

Q. Talking about tomorrow, are you going to play?


Q. Okay. What kind of attitude do you need to bring to the golf course on a day like that?

PATRICK RODGERS: Self-belief and patience, I would say. It's a long day. But I've had a lot of success in those qualifiers and I just feel like the longer that you hang on and don't beat yourself the better chance you have towards the end. It always feels like it takes maybe slightly less quality of golf than you might think on the outset. It doesn't need to be perfect. Yeah, especially here in Columbus there's enough spots. You just need to or I just need to go out and be patient and do my thing and I should be fine.

Q. Final thing. You played four rounds, 72 holes, on a challenging golf course. Is that advantageous or not heading into tomorrow?

PATRICK RODGERS: I mean, I'm definitely a little bit tired. I got beat up by the golf course today, for sure. It's a really demanding test. But the golf courses are going to feel really easy playing them tomorrow. So that's, I guess, a little added bonus.

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