Barracuda Championship

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Truckee, California, USA

Tahoe Mountain Club

Will Gordon

Quick Quotes

Q. Maybe a little disappointing finish but just talk us through the round today.

WILL GORDON: Yeah, I got off to a good start, was able to hole a bunker shot on the first hole and played a really solid first 12, 13 holes and kind of lost momentum on the par-5 where I three-putted and kind of struggled getting to the house from there. But +8 is still a fine score and it keeps me in the golf tournament. We've still got a lot of golf in front of us.

Q. What do you take away from today, the eight points as you get an early start tomorrow and the remainder of the week?

WILL GORDON: Yeah, I think tomorrow morning maybe the conditions will be a little bit easier. The greens will probably be a little smoother. It'll be a great opportunity in front of me tomorrow morning, so looking forward to that.

Q. A 3rd at the Travelers Championship locked up special temporary membership. How gratifying was that, and how much did it relieve the pressure going forward?

WILL GORDON: Yeah, I think there was a lot going on that week for me emotionally and mentally, and to be able to kind of perform under those pressures was definitely validating and gratifying, like you said. Just trying to use that experience moving forward and focus on the future.

Q. A burgeoning star out of Vanderbilt; what do you think you have to improve upon to continue your success on the PGA TOUR?

WILL GORDON: I think just like these little stretches. If I'm able to keep momentum kind of late in the round today, it takes a little bit of pressure off. Two-putt for birdie on the par-5 would kind of just keep it rolling, and I didn't do that today, and hopefully tomorrow we'll do a better job of that.

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