Barracuda Championship

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Truckee, California, USA

Tahoe Mountain Club

Matthias Schwab

Quick Quotes

Q. I know that wasn't the finish you wanted, but you must be proud of how you held your own out there. Can we just get some comments about how it was today?

MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Yeah, it was a nice round. I think I got off to a bad start, made bogey on the 1st hole, but got it right back on the 2nd hole and I just kind of hung around, made a few birdies and then really got the round going on 12 with an eagle hole-out from the bunker, which was great, and then another birdie on 14. Unfortunately, yeah, towards the end the putts didn't want to go in anymore, but we'll see where I'll be at the end.

Q. No matter what happens this week you're getting into the PGA Championship next week. What's your mindset? It must build a lot of confidence for you heading into a major.

MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Yeah, it'll be my first major. I was exempt for that major for a while now through the top 100 in the world. Yeah, my game is feeling good. I'm excited for my first major, and we'll see what I can do there.

Q. And it looks like a two-way tie for second this week will get you special temporary membership. That gets you unlimited sponsor exemptions for the rest of the year in your quest to get a PGA TOUR card for next year. What would that mean for you personally?

MATTHIAS SCHWAB: I don't really know. I haven't really thought about any of that stuff. I was just focused on my game today and we'll see how the day ends and then go from there.

Q. And then also a top-two player that's not already exempt will get into the U.S. Open. Did you know that, as well?

MATTHIAS SCHWAB: I didn't know that.

Q. So top two players not exempt will get into the U.S. Open.


Q. I'm sure you'll be looking at the leaderboard for that. What would that mean to you if you get in?

MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Well, I'm not in yet, so I can't really comment on it. It would be great, but we'll see how today ends.

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