Barracuda Championship

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Truckee, California, USA

Tahoe Mountain Club

Michael Thompson

Quick Quotes

Q. Plus-12 opening round, tell me about it.

MICHAEL THOMPSON: I started off, I was hitting the ball really well, made a small adjustment to my putting-stroke setup last week. And it paid off today. So I played really solid. I had three tap-ins for birdie on the front nine. And I actually played really well on the back, just couldn't get anything going. This wind is making it difficult out there.

Q. And touch upon, you had a hot start, I believe six birdies on the first nine holes.


Q. Could you tell it was clicking?

MICHAEL THOMPSON: Yes, I was trying, in my head, trying to -- not trying to get too ahead of myself. I've got to make some putts (indiscernible). And I was hitting my line with my irons, which is, anytime you're doing that you're going to play well.

Putter, felt like I was starting it on line on every putt and kind of just riding the wave really. Had a couple iron shots that landed just off the green but then caught slopes and came down to two feet. So when stuff like that happens you're going to have a good day.

Q. First time at this course. Last time out in 2018, top 25, but what have you seen from this course?

MICHAEL THOMPSON: It's actually changed quite a bit from Monday. It was playing really soft early on in the week. And with the wind that we've had, it's dried out a bit. It's an easier walk than Montreux, which is nice.

But this is a beautiful, beautiful part of the country. I've never been to Truckee. I didn't even know this town existed. It's kind of a treat for me to be out here. And being an Arizona boy at heart, I grew up in dry heat. It's nice to come back. (Indiscernible).

Q. Did (indiscernible) the elevation and wind play in, especially tomorrow being an afternoon wave?

MICHAEL THOMPSON: Yeah, it's going to be windy. It's been windy every afternoon. So, I know it's going to be like this tomorrow. But the last few days it's been pretty calm in the morning. So to get to play in the wind, to get to play in the wind today is, I think, going to benefit me tomorrow because I'm kind of used to making -- coming up with the numbers.

There's a lot of math going on this week. And a lot of double-checking and triple-checking numbers with my caddie. So as long as we stay consistent with that just take our time and be confident with our numbers, it's going to help me make good swings and hopefully produce good golf.

Q. With the different format, is there a different game plan you're talking over with your caddie strategy-wise?

MICHAEL THOMPSON: You definitely need to be more aggressive. You shoot 3-under with seven birdies versus-under with three birdies you'll have more points with the seven birdies. So, it's okay to make a mistake here or there and just try to hit as close as possible. Try to make as many putts as you can and (indiscernible) as many points. Because it's going to take 40-plus points to win this tournament. And you've got to be above 10 pretty much every day. So it's off to a good start.

Q. 300 FedExCup points on the line this week. You mentioned not trying to hone in on that. But is there an added pressure? I believe you're 132 in FedExCup standings and three events left.

MICHAEL THOMPSON: Absolutely. I got this week and next week. I think I probably have to make 70 points or so to get into that top 125. Obviously a win would be amazing. A top-five would be amazing. That would secure it.

I like where I stand. History, for me, when my back's against the wall I've played really well. I went to the Korn Ferry Tour finals four years in a row and got through it every time. So, I know what this kind of pressure is like. And I know what I have to do. So it's just a matter of going out and doing it.

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