Barracuda Championship

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Truckee, California, USA

Tahoe Mountain Club

Scott Harrington

Quick Quotes

Q. Opening-round 13 plus. Tell me how your day went.

SCOTT HARRINGTON: Yeah, it was really good. I was pleased with it. I played really solid. A couple silly bogeys, but it's all about making birdies out here, and I was able to throw an eagle in there, which really helps in this format. Yeah, I just tried to play aggressive. I drove the ball really well, so it put me in positions where I could kind of go at a lot of flags. Tried to be aggressive on the greens. Had a three-putt and a four-putt unfortunately, but I played really nice tee to green, and yeah, it was tough out there. It's windy and it's kind of coming off of everywhere, so I'm really pleased to get in with a good day today.

Q. You mentioned eagles really bump you up. Tell me about that highlight on your scorecard.

SCOTT HARRINGTON: Yeah, eighth hole, it's a drivable hole but it's really difficult to actually hit one on the green because it's such a tiny little sliver of -- I hit a 5-wood, it was downwind. Hit a 5-wood right on the line I was trying to hit it on and it took a couple hops and just found this little sliver and it was four feet from the hole. My caddie and I kind of joke about it, at this altitude and with this wind, some of the things are out of your control, and you're just trying to hit good shots, trying to have a good plan for every shot, hit the shot you're hoping for and hopefully it turns out the way you want it to, because it is bouncing out here and the wind is kind of moving around. That one was really nice. We couldn't see the green from the tee, so to walk up there and see I was four feet was pretty cool.

Q. Tournament debut, so this poses some different threats, like you said, wind and let alone format. How has it been adjusting to that?

SCOTT HARRINGTON: It's a fun format. I find it really easy to -- it's really easy to shake off bogeys, because yes, you lose a point, but it's not the end of the world. I think I three-putted my fourth hole, and that was disappointing, and then on 16 I actually knocked -- I had a really long putt for eagle on 16 and I just kind of made a mess of it on the green, but I walked out of there with bogey, but you only lose a point. You know you make a birdie you gain a point.

Yeah, it's just a little easier to brush off kind of maybe a bad hole, and it makes it a little easier to try to be aggressive on the greens and try to get a little more going because you get a colorful scorecard out here will do better than a super clean, two birdies, no bogeys. Yeah, you've kind of got to pedal to the metal and try to make birdies and maybe mix in an eagle.

Q. With that format does it make it easier to be aggressive?

SCOTT HARRINGTON: It does, but I feel like the conditions out here today, you couldn't be -- it could really bite you if you kind of went after too much. I felt like when I got wedges in my hands, good clubs, yeah, I could be aggressive, on the greens -- I think on the greens it definitely lends you that chance to maybe be a little more aggressive on 30-footers and try to make a few more putts. It sounds silly, you're trying to make everything, but just give everything a little bit more run.

But still, you've got to respect par out here. If you spray a drive, there's plenty of water come up -- judge the wind wrong, and it's pretty easy. You've still got to respect par a little bit.

Q. You put a good score up for the afternoon wave. Are you looking forward to a morning wave, maybe less wind?

SCOTT HARRINGTON: Yeah, for sure. I mean, it'll be weird; really all week since we've been here it's been blowing pretty good. Yeah, it'll be nice to get out here in some calm. Might be a little cool, but yeah, some nice calm conditions, and yeah, keep it going for sure.

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