Barracuda Championship

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Truckee, California, USA

Tahoe Mountain Club

Stephan Jaeger

Quick Quotes

Q. Round 1, 14+, highlighted by two eagles.

STEPHAN JAEGER: Yeah, obviously in this format eagles really catapult you forward, five points. One was a three-footer on 8. I hit it on the green and it was pretty short. The other one was on -- I think it was 11, the par-5 on the back. I made like a 25-footer. Obviously those two kind of get your day started and get you moving up the leaderboard. But overall I played good all day. Made a bunch of birdies and only made two bogeys, which don't really hurt too bad in this format for sure.

Q. Speaking on this format, something you kind of strategize being a little bit more aggressive coming in?

STEPHAN JAEGER: Honestly, not really. I think this golf course kind of gives you some opportunities but also some of the pins and some of the par-3s, obviously they're tough.

I don't think I'll play any different, don't see any more aggressive style. I think you've just got to make a bunch of birdies and keep those doubles off the card. I think that's something like you want to do every week. Again, this week is big.

Q. Is there a magic number you see for Sunday?

STEPHAN JAEGER: Oh, man, it's only Thursday, so I think just play as well as you can each day. For us it's kind of a bonus being here and getting to play out here. I love this place. Lake Tahoe, I've never played here actually before, but Lake Tahoe is a great area and I'm happy to be here, and hopefully we'll take advantage of the opportunity.

Q. Have you been able to do anything off the course?

STEPHAN JAEGER: Yeah, my wife and my dog are here, so we went to the dog beach in Lake Tahoe yesterday, and he enjoyed it. We've done quite a bit, been to Truckee, and like I said, this place kind of -- it's a calming feeling, which is great.

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