Barracuda Championship

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Truckee, California, USA

Tahoe Mountain Club

Gary Woodland

Quick Quotes

Q. Gary, 12 points today. Bogey-free. If we can get comments on your final round.

GARY WOODLAND: Today it was nice. It was solid. I played well this week outside of nine holes on Thursday, on the back nine where I kind of let it get away. Altitude got me on a couple of shots. But outside of that it's as good as I've played in a long time. I drove the golf ball great.

A lot of momentum from Minnesota a couple weeks ago. And carried it over. It was a great week this week. I am glad I came and played. A new venue for me. Golf course is great. They do a great job here. Excited to be back.

Q. I was going to ask, it's more about the momentum right now this part of the year. You did exactly what you needed to do.

GARY WOODLAND: I did. Like, I needed to play. I've been battling for a long time. I got some momentum in Minnesota. So it was nice to play. You need to play your way out of it. So I'm excited. I'll go play next week in Greensboro. I haven't been in a long time. I'm excited where my game is and looking for the playoffs.

Q. As a past winner here, it has a lot of memories for you, too?

GARY WOODLAND: I have a lot of great memories here. Obviously played two times before. Finished first and second. Would have liked to have finished a couple better this week. Get some momentum, nice vibes. Excited to take that going forward.

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