Barracuda Championship

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Truckee, California, USA

Tahoe Mountain Club

Hurly Long

Quick Quotes

Q. Fourth last week in your PGA TOUR debut. What a great experience that must have been.

HURLY LONG: Yeah, it was great. I really enjoyed it. Played really well and thought the course suited me fairly well. But yeah, the game came together nicely. I was actually doing very well mentally, even the last day I was very relaxed, just didn't quite -- the last round the ball didn't want to go in the hole, so wasn't able to quite get the victory, but fourth is still really good, so I'm quite satisfied.

Q. In terms of getting points on the DP World Tour rankings, as well, you're now in position where you're not stressing about keeping your card for next season, so that's one thing off your mind and you can really take that positive going into the rest of the season?

HURLY LONG: Yeah, well, I feel like I achieved that probably at British Masters when I finished sixth. I felt like I had enough at that point.

I mean, my game is pretty good right now. The last few months weren't amazing, but it's good enough. I wasn't overly worried about that. At the beginning of the season that was my goal, of course, to keep my card, but I feel like I've been playing well enough to win, and I'm more focused on winning to get my first victory.

Q. New surroundings here in California, very different golf course than last week. What are your thoughts?

HURLY LONG: Yeah, it's a beautiful course. Not the longest when you consider elevation, but very tricky around the greens. A lot of slopes, rock hard, thick rough. Not that easy off the tee. Should be a good challenge.

Q. Thoughts on the format, as well?

HURLY LONG: Yeah, it's obviously very different. I'm certainly a traditionalist. I love 72-hole stroke play events, but it'll be cool. I don't know what to say. I've never done it. I mean, I guess I've played in a bunch of -- in the States we call them dog fights, Stableford things, but certainly not in a big event, so we'll see. But I'm looking forward to it.

Q. A chance to play in the States and a chance to maybe get a PGA TOUR card at the end of it, as well?

HURLY LONG: Absolutely. I got quite a few points last week, so if I do decently here, I might be able to get to the Korn Ferry finals. That would be a good opportunity for me, so that's really kind of one of the goals this week, absolutely.

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