Barracuda Championship

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Truckee, California, USA

Tahoe Mountain Club

Brice Garnett

Quick Quotes

Q. Brice, great playing out there today, +12. Take me through your day and some highlights out there.

BRICE GARNETT: Got off to a really good start. I've been getting off to slow starts on Thursdays. Seeing some really good glimpses of good golf throughout the year and then a couple bad swings.

But today kind of just kept it all together, drove the ball really well, took advantage of a couple par-5s, and it's kind of a weird format, you make a bogey and then you just make a birdie and you add a point.

It was a good day.

Q. Speaking of taking advantage of the par-5s, do you play more aggressively here knowing that you have this format for the week?

BRICE GARNETT: We talked about that early in the week, and we kind of just stuck to our game plan. Maybe coming down the stretch on Sunday if you need to do something special you might take a bigger chance. But today we just kind of plotted along, stuck to our game plan and hit a couple par-5s in two, and that was big for us.

Q. What was your preparation like coming into this week? Did you play the course?

BRICE GARNETT: So I just played all 18 on Tuesday and then played the pro-am. It's a tricky golf course, and it's tough to get comfortable at times with the wind and then calculating 10 percent. We were just trying to get comfortable, and today the wind was down, and we took advantage of some really good conditions this morning.

Q. You've won on an opposite-field event before at the Corales. Being here this week, another opposite-field event, does that free you up a little bit? Do you tend to contend well on these weeks? Walk me through how it feels to be here.

BRICE GARNETT: Well, I just look at this week as a wonderful opportunity to get to where I need to be. It's been a pretty slow start, but like I said, I've seen some really good golf at times and then you make some bad swings and miss cuts. This week I'm excited to be here. I've got four more weeks to do what I need to do, so it's a great opportunity, and we're just enjoying it.

Q. You mentioned having a tough go the last couple starts, but it seems to be coming together for you this week. Was there one thing in particular that has been clicking for you out here?

BRICE GARNETT: It's been just slow starts on Thursday. Fridays I've been 4-under and then 5-under through 10, 6-under through 11. I've seen the good golf, just need to come out and get off to a good start. Hopefully tomorrow we'll continue the good Friday play and see where we stack up.

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