Barracuda Championship

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Truckee, California, USA

Tahoe Mountain Club

Marcus Helligkilde

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Q. Marcus, great round out there today, bogey-free, posted four birdies to get to 8 points. Walk me through your day and how you're feeling about your round.

MARCUS HELLIGKILDE: It was a good day, bogey-free. Coming into this, Tuesday and Wednesday I was hitting the ball very poorly, but I just hit like at the end of my session yesterday, I was about to go home, I just had a feeling and I went to hit like seven balls and then that was just a feeling that made me hit so many fairways today and so many greens.

Q. What was it that clicked for you, something in particular or just something you found in your swing?

MARCUS HELLIGKILDE: Actually the same as last week. It's something technical, but it works.

Q. You're coming off a top-10 finish last week, so what did that do for you momentum-wise coming into Barracuda?

MARCUS HELLIGKILDE: It's always nice to come and play in the top 10, but not thinking too much about it. Out here just trying to keep the ball in play and hit some good putts and see if they go in the hole.

Q. I know you were No. 1 on the Challenge Tour, now you're in your rookie season. How has this been for you? How has the experience been during that time?

MARCUS HELLIGKILDE: It's been mostly injuries for me, and then I also took six weeks off just to try and get all sorted out. It's been kind of strange. But you know what, we are playing for way more money and playing better golf courses, better conditions, so it's very enjoyable.

Q. Walk me through the format; what are your thoughts on it? Does your game plan change at all?

MARCUS HELLIGKILDE: My game plan doesn't change at all. I know it's maybe two shots from the tees, and that's it, because I know it would be wrong to change the game plan towards the greens. The format for me today with a bogey-free round, not too good, but it's okay to have something else to play.

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